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The rise of loungewear amongst the millennial generation has seen the likes of Megan McKenna and the rest of the Towie crew completely own the tracksuit look. After a hard day at work most of us ladies opt to kick off the heels in exchange for a pair of fluffy slippers, but it is also the same when it comes to clothing. Over the last 5 years that I have spent with my fiance, he could never really understand why I would would come home to put my pyjamas on. Ok I kind of get where he is coming from because after all pyjamas are for sleeping in, so recently I have been on a mission to find something else that is equally as comfortable and a little more socially acceptable.

So the answer? Well I could pop to my local Primark to pick up the latest animal print onesie but instead I decided to shop a little classy. Not only is Boxers and Briefs the place to go if you are wanting to look for quality underwear, but you can also find the latest designer loungewear which is both stylish and comfortable. You can also use the discount code ELTORIA in order to receive 20% off your purchase! So let’s check out my thoughts on this loungewear set by Diesel.

The Diesel UFLT-MILKY Sweatshirt and UFLB-TOFEE Lounge Pant is the ultimate comfort combo for multiple purposes. Not only have I been wearing this duo to lounge about around the house, but I have also been wearing them to the gym and to the shops. Each piece comes with a green Diesel logo and they are both made out of soft light cotton. Personally I have been wearing the sweatshirt off the shoulder with a sports top/vest underneath but you can wear it normally if wish to. These pieces are going to stick around in fashion for a very long time so it’s best to get investing whilst the style is hot off the press.

I couldn’t wear a Boxers & Briefs loungewear set without some underwear underneath too. So to match the pieces above, I opted to go for the green pair out of the Diesel OXI Cotton 3-Pack Briefs set. This underwear trio makes the perfect every day pantie because they’re soft, comfortable, and wedgie proof. Perfecto!

What do you make of this loungewear set?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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