Primark Pyjamas Haul| Winter 2016

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Christmas has gone, the work schedule is back in routine, and it’s still dark when you get home… I wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that getting into some comfortable pyjamas would be the first thing you’d do after a hard days work. So with the latter pretty much being accurate in the daily Eltoria routine, this January I decided to give my pyjama wardrobe a little upgrade. Now I wouldn’t say that I was a huge pyjama wearer, I mean, a vest top and a pair of shorts usually does me quite nicely. But, with it being 2016 and a technically a ‘new me’ too, I wanted to ditch the rags for something a little more fashionable. So given the goal, I thought that Primark was the perfect store to fix my wardrobe dilemma.

Despite it being Winter here in the UK, the weather hasn’t been frightfully cold (yet!). So you will note from my haul that there are a lot of vest tops and shorts still. For some reason I have also gone for a lot of pinks- which is strange because I wouldn’t consider pink to be my favourite colour. So as well as this post, I have also done Primark Winter Pyjamas Haul over on my YouTube channel. It is also the first video up after the Christmas break so be sure to check that out (give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already!).

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Click on the thumbnail to watch my Primark Pyjamas Haul 

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