LUSH New Collection| Mother’s Day & Valentines 2015

Hello dolls! Well it’s strange for me to say that this is the first time that I have blogged in a week; I know, where on earth have I been? Last week was an extremely busy one for me, I’ve been attending blogger events, seeing friends, being beaten up by my PT in the gym (not literally of course) went to London, and filmed with Chip Daddy. Although I can’t say that I’m grateful for the horrific cold that I’ve picked up along the way (currently feeling sorry for myself whilst clutching a hot water bottle). Talking of blogger events, last Thursday evening I attended LUSH Spa’s first blogger event (since opening their new store) and it was such a lovely evening. Some of you will know that I used to work in the LUSH’s Bath store so it was great to see old work colleagues in their new ‘lushified’ environment. It still smelt great don’t worry. So myself, Beky, Melody, and Beth went to check out LUSH’s brand new Valentines and Mother’s Day range and it really does not disappoint. To show the products off in much clearer way, I popped them all into a video so that you can see what they do and what they look like. You can check out the video at the end of this post (or click here).

Bubblegrub £2.95
Lonely Heart £3.50
Heart Throb £3.65

Not only did I go and check out the brand new products, I also got to make one! In the image below I am popping on my latex glove in readiness to make a Big Blue bathbomb (and they are so so easy to make!). If you guys would like me to write a post/make a video on how you can make your own bathbombs then do let me know. It was also great to check out the store’s brand new image; it looks like a homely kitchen with a modern but rustic edge (if that makes sense?). I recall Beth asking one of the sales assistants what the counter tops were made of so that she can remember it for her future kitchen (smiley crying emoji). You’ve got to laugh.

Now that I’m back into the blogging swing, I have some exciting posts for you planned (someone’s got to blog about the amount of things that I bought from this blogger’s event!). So stay linked to check those out (a little bit of MAC will be appearing too!).

What product do you like the look of?
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Much Love

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