Strawberry Feels Forever: LUSH

Ciao Bella’s! Today I have someone sweet and fruitful for you all. It smells and looks like a strawberry but is regrettably not edible. Confused? Well my little pumpkins I can ensure you now that this product will convert you into a LUSH addict. If you are currently thinking that ‘nothing will’ you my friend, are so wrong. But to all of you who quite happily raise your hand to being the ultimate LUSH guru, then this product will soon star in your top five (or even three!). ‘Strawberry Feels Forever’ was a LUSH classic that was removed from shop floors a couple of years ago. I never got my head around why because this body moisturiser is like no other, it’s like smothering a bowl of strawberries and cream all over your body (and my own imagination sure makes this product seem so much more appealing). Now you are probably thinking ‘Eltoria, are you mad this moisturiser looks like a bar of soap’. But fear not friend, this ‘hard body lotion’ works as a massaging oil and body lotion! You apply this lotion by rubbing it all over you body where the cocoa butters and shea butters will melt accordingly to your skin temperature. You can use this product after showering/bathing or you can bugger a loved one into massaging you (romantic night in *hint*). Absolument charmant!

And it’s not even soap! £5.75

Lush: “A creamy strawberry massage bar with a fruit sundae fragrance. If you’re feeling fruity, this massage bar is just the thing to get you in the mood. We’ve crushed fresh strawberries and infused hibiscus flowers for a fabulous fragrance, while lashing of butters and oils to make your skin velvety smooth. Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, Fair Trade shea butter, and extra virgin olive oil are in here for hydration, as only the best will do,” Amen to that!

Will you be treating your skin to some strawberries and cream?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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