Batiste| Ella Henderson’s Limited Edition Dry Shampoo

As mentioned in my
previous post (click here), it is no secret that I like to use dry shampoo when I’ve overslept, lived it rough camping or when I simply cannot be bothered to
wash my hair. Whatever the situation, we’ve all depended on the can of the ol’
white stuff to get us out of a greasy spot of bother. Not only do I use Batiste dry shampoo to spray away all of my hair troubles, but it is also fantastic for
styling because it makes the texture of the hair so much easier to handle (I use it every time I put my hair up or
after I have just washed it
). Now I will not mention again as to why dry shampoo
is good for your hair (you can read that
in my last Batiste post by
clicking here) but I will talk about how amazing
this new Ella Henderson limited edition dry shampoo is. Whilst Ella was an
elite contester in the Xfactor, her own dry shampoo mirrors this eliteness
because it is so damn mighty fine. So with her voluptuous hair and and sweet smile, I’m sure your next visit to Boots and Superdrug will end up with one of these beauties in your shopping baskets.

I personally love how sweet smelling this shampoo is and I can almost detect a bit f coconut in it (yum). My personal tip would be to use this product at the root of the hair and rub it in well with your hands or gently with a tangle teazer (trust me this works a treat). I would also use this product even once I had washed and dried my hair because that way, my hair is much more manageable (and using dry shampoo on a daily basis won’t make it greasy). Whilst Batiste’s top tip is to keep a can in your handbags everyday because you never know when you need it (agreed), Ella’s is to spray on mid lengths to ends for an instant texture boost. So whatever colour or type of hair you have, this can of delight is the ultimate go to product. You can pick one up in Boots or Superdrug for £3.29-£2.19 (currently cheaper in Boots). Ella also says:“Batiste is my number 1 hit; I’m either in the studio or on stage, in a car or on a plane – often with little time to get ready. I can always count on Batiste to refresh and restyle my hair in one go; I know I’ll always be ready for wherever the day takes me.”

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Which is your favourite Batiste product? Would you use Ella Henderson’s?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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