Mini V Nutrition By Vicky Pattison

If there’s one thing that I have massively changed in my life that would be the way I eat. When I was at university I used to eat the quickest and not necessarily the healthiest things in the world: Heinz soup, Super Noodles, Cereal, and the odd salad now and again (I’m not even joking when I say that I used to live off from these things!). Since graduating away from the books and the not so great diet, I have changed my ways and have gotten myself into a much better routine. Now before I move on, I must stress that changing my eating habits was incredibly hard and it has taken me a while to get into a solid routine (I’d say around 9 months). Breaking a habit doesn’t exactly take over night to conquer but if there’s one thing that Vicky Pattison and I have in common, that would be that we are two motivated ladies! What made me want to try Vicky’s Mini V range is the journey that she has been on- I have been a major fan of Geordie Shore for years and seeing Vicky grow from a kebab eating kind of girl to a fitness body inspiration is extremely admirable. Whether you change your lifestyle for a bit of body tonage or to be that little bit healthier, I will guarantee that doing so will make you feel a hundred times better (I do!). So shape up your summer body desires with a little bit of help from the Mini V range!

Now there’s one thing missing from the picture above and that is the Mini Bar, and one very hungry and protein craving boyfriend decided to scoff it even though he was under strict instructions not to (I even hid it in all *sad face*). So without me trying it, I guess I had to quiz my boyfriend on the taste and what he thought of it. This bar (apparently) tastes just like Terry’s Chocolate orange which also has the typical texture of a protein bar which is quite dense (so it is very different from what I consider to be a normal chocolate bar). The sweet edge of the mini bar will sure banish any sweet cravings whilst its high protein count will help to repair and build muscles (think of that tonage ladies!). Talking of protein as you can see below, I am quite gracefully trying out my Mini Shake and OMG it is quite literally the best protein drink that I’ve ever tried (click here to check out my YouTube video). It was only a few weeks ago that I was turning my nose up at a lot of protein powders and I even tried disguising it in my Weetabix one morning (which only ended up in the bin). The shake that I tried was called Chocolate Silk and it was like drinking a healthy chocolate milkshake but with lots of protein inside a tiny bottle (28g!). Mini V Shakes are available 2 other flavours and I love just how mobile they are (pop one in your gym bag and go).

Now time for a confession ladies and gentleman because I have completely fallen in love with Mini Collagen and Mini Detox food supplements. Collagen fortifies your blood vessels which helps to improve circulation throughout the body to your skin, resulting in healthy radiant and youthful skin, hair, and nails. A few weeks ago some of you will remember that I posted a post on Damaged Nails (click here) and I must say that that Mini Collagen sure helped towards that amazing result (do go and check that out if you want to see cracked nails transform in just 2 weeks!). Additionally my hair has also grown in length and my skin has stayed spot free which is amazing seeing as my skin has gotten a little oiler in this hotter weather. Mini Detox on the other hand is a great supplement before going to bed because removes unwanted toxins from the body which makes you feel much more energetic in the mornings (perfect for a hangover cure I must say). Admittedly I didn’t try out the Mini Burn food supplement because I personally thought that the caffeine content was way too high for me (656mg). A high caffeine content helps to burn fat and to give you that additional energy that you may be lacking through your diet. However this high content can cause undesired effects on the body like shaking and crashing if you don’t control your food intake. It is also known for some people to experience heart palpitations, increased sweating, and panic attacks through caffeine packed supplements so please be very careful before taking any food supplements with your diet (especially something like Mini Burn), and I strongly advise that you contact a nutritionist or a GP before doing so.

Mini Bar: £1.99, Mini Shake: £2.99, Mini Collagen*: £24.99, Mini Detox*: £24.99

Mini Burn*: £24.99, *Mini Pack (x3 food supplement pack): £49.99

Overall I absolutely loved trying out the Mini V range and will most definitely continue to use Mini Collagen, Mini Shake, and Mini Bar. Will you be trying out the range by Vicky Pattison? What are your thoughts?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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