Winter Beauty Favourites Post

I have been going a little beauty mad and here’s why. Since Halloween has now
passed and the wintry chill has now surged over the UK, my skin has been
throwing one major tantrum for attention (talk about being So
with my summer tan now faded and my skin feeling as though it needs a major
injection of hydration, I have been trying out a number new products to help
nurse my skin back to its normal self. Just before I start I do need to do a
little disclaimer because some of these products were sent to me by PR
companies. Now I know that some bloggers (not all) receive a product and
then automatically become biased towards it however, this is something that I
do not do. You wouldn’t believe on how many products I do turn down in order to
ensure that the content I do write about is useful and helpful to you all. And
of course I wouldn’t even review something unless I felt comfortable or even
excited to do so. So without further adieu, let’s take a sneak peek at some of
the stuff I have been trying out recently.

Just before we go into the ‘dry
skin saga’, you guys know how much I really like The
Library of Fragrance
Even before The Library of Fragrance had even launched, I had been
participating in a number of surveys and questionnaires which targeted towards
making the perfect fragrance. Now I must admit the Library of Fragrance range
isn’t something like your typical commercial fragrance, however it is something
rather unique and different which makes a fragrance more personal to you. What
is amazing about the range is that they pretty much have every scent going:
pizza, fresh linen, play-doh, hay, grass, champagne… there’s just so much
choice! As I like to sometimes associate special moments by scent, I chose
these gorgeous fragrances to help me reminiscence some good times: Strawberry
Icecream, Sweet Pea, Sex On The Beach
and Marshmallow (I now always keep my
Strawberry Icecream scent in my car!
). They all smell so yummy so be sure to check the range out.

Since Halloween has now passed, I
have still been wearing my Artdeco Couture Dark Queen Laquer as a simple nail fashion
statement. Since trying out the Artdeco
High Precision Liquid Liner in
my recent Autumn Makeup Look video, I have since become obsessed with the
brand. Their products seem to stay on for long time (for example
the nail varnish doesn’t chip away easil
y) and they are also
incredibly easy to apply… yes even the liquid eye liner. 

I was sent some Astral Skin care
products a few weeks ago and I have to say they work wonders on dry and chappy
skin. The products themselves almost reminded me of E45 Cream which makes them perfect for really troubled skin (especially if you suffer from eczema and
). It’s rich and intensely moisturising formula gives skin the
nourishment, protection and the simple care that it needs for it to stay
healthy this winter. As a natural skin care enthusiast, what I also like about
the products is that they contain true and natural ingredients like lanolin and
glycerin which help to attract and bind water to the epidermis of the skin (and hence staying lovely and hydrated for
). From the range I received the Astral Original Face and Body Moisturiser and the Astral Soft Face and Body Moisturiser. The
original range as mentioned above really did remind me of E45 cream however, I
absolutely fell in love with the Astral Soft Face and Body Moisturiser because
it smelt like Rose Water (and I frickin’
love Rose Water
). Not only have I been using this product on my skin, but I
have also been popping it onto my lips at night where it has performed miracles
(goodbye sore and chappy lips). The
aloe vera and vitamin E in the product has really benefited my skin and I have kissed goodbye to troubled skin.

Although my skin has been a little
dryer than normal recently, my t-zone still remains its troublesome self (slightly oily and prone to spots). Although some people choose not to use products on their t-zone in fear that it is ‘going to make it worse’, it is however quite the opposite. Leaving your skin untreated can in fact cause your skin to produce more oil which can then inevitably cause spots and blocked pores. Using a cream or a serum which suits your skin can in fact help balance the level of sebum in your skin which controls oil secretion. I have recently been trying out IASO Pore Tightening Serum and I have to say it has been really impressive. The product contains sebum control powder which makes enlarged pores look virtually invisible by treating them from the inside out. After using this product for a number of weeks now, I have to say that the pores especially around my nose have decreased in size. What I loved about the product is that it makes your skin feel ever so silky and it doesn’t leave any tightening sensation. The bottle is gorgeous, the smell of the product is just divine and it does a magical job on the pores… perfecto!

You can get 15% off using the ELTORIA code. Twitter- IASOskincare Instagram- go_iaso

So with my t-zone being slightly oiler, it is something that cannot also be said for my outer t-zone areas. Since the weather has taken a turn for the worse, my skin has decided to take a walk on the dry side. As I usually wear make up in the day, I tend to wear thick and repair creams overnight because it is deemed the best opportunity for your skin to rehabilitate. Recently I have been using Beauty Lab’s Overnight Repair Cream and it has worked wonders on my blemishes. This light crème is rich in peptides, anti-ageing Retinol A and an exclusive marine collagen blend that helps to reduce the effects of photo-ageing which in times leads to loss of elasticity. Despite the cream smelling a little like dried paint, it really has left my skin feeling rehydrated and extremely soft. What I also like about the product is that it is paraben and alcohol free which is not tested on animals.

When it comes to fake tan, I am
definitely almost an expert on it. I’d have to say that reviewing fake tan has
almost become a thing of mine on here. I just love the stuff! I recently tried out the Beauty Lab’s PT Instant Colour Self Tan mousse, and wait, I know what some of you are probably thinking… I hate tanning mousses. Whilst it is no hidden secret that I much prefer a tanning lotion to a tanning mousse, but considering the amount of hype going around the blogging world about this product, I had to try it out. Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous to try out this product. For some reason I happen to be some sort of pro at making tanning mouse look streaky and orange on the skin. But the promise of a instant natural holiday glow was all too tempting to my rather pale and wintry skin. However I scored a win on the mouse front because it DIDN’T GO STREAKY OR ORANGE… hallelujah. I was really impressed with this mousse and it is something that I would definately use again.

Oh good goodness, if there’s one
word to describe this product then it would be ‘wow’. Since reviewing the Fleur de Figui perfume back in the summer, I was all keen to fall head over heels for another Roger & Gallet product. Huile Courmande is a gorgeous ultra-nourishing oil which is perfect for both the hair and body. The scent is very fresh and smells just like apricots and passionflower which makes it the ultimate pick me up scent this winter. The scent also has a cocktail of other fruits in it: grapes, pomegranate, blackcurrant, olives, avocados and sweet almond… it smells that good I’ve been using it as an air freshener around the house! I have to say that this perfume isn’t light, it is in fact quote strong, so I would say you would like this perfume if you like the strength of Chanel perfumes for example. 

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has been on your beauty favourites list recently? Would you try any of the




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