Balancing Blogging, Work, & Life

If you knew me personally you would know that I love to keep busy. Not too sure why, but if I’m not busy or doing something I get bored incredibly easily. Even if I sit down to have a ‘duvet day’ I still will be working away on my laptop. I even find it hard to sit and watch a film, my mind will always be diverted to something else. It’s painful to reminisce on the amount of good films that have been wasted on me (currently refraining from inserting an emoji with a gun to its head). It’s such a shame but I’m such a wriggle bum!

 If you are a blogger with a full time job or education, you will know that running a blog is incredibly hard and time consuming. I know that I’m repeating myself a little here, so apologies for the slight dose of Eltoria history. But my goodness, it’s so true. Many people will start a blog thinking that writing a post will take minutes and that views will come instantly. This thought is far from the truth. The time that I spend on my blog is daily. Every morning I will wake up, get ready for work, check my emails, and then plug my blog through my social media channels. I’m not that sort of person who will stay in bed for an extra 10-20 minutes or hit the snooze button (I know call me crazy!). At the moment I am fortunate enough to be able to come home at lunch time so I usually plug my blog then, and the same again in the evening. I tend to get home from work, go to the gym, and then chill to music whilst writing posts/taking pictures/filming videos/ or write for someone else. I am usually exhausted by the weekend but it is here where I see friends and family; no rest for the wicked eh!

YouTube has been another part of my life which I have been enjoying recently.But finding the time to film and edit videos can be challenging. It is here where scheduling becomes incredibly important. I like to plan my blog and videos at least 1-2 weeks ahead of myself, that way I am able to manage my time appropriately around work, my social life, and the gym. Originally I was doing two videos a week, but this got a little challenging so I had to taper down to one a week. I usually like to film on a Saturday and then post a video within the week (usually a Wednesday). But then again, filming in the week is not uncommon. But never feel too organised to schedule, it has in fact helped me a lot.

Another aspect which takes time is responding to emails, comments, Tweets, and PR companies. As your blog grows you will get more attention from companies and readers so taking the time to reply is incredibly important to me. Although there’s a lot of upkeep in keeping Eltoria alive, it doesn’t at all feel like work or a chore; I find it extremely enjoyable and therapeutic (to which a lot of bloggers and vloggers would vouch to). I have met so many friends throughout my journey where I now do a lot of activities like go to the gym and boot camp with BekyLou! There’s more to blogging that just hiding behind a computer (smiley face).

How do you balance your blogging life? Do any of you struggle?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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