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A lot of you have kindly been complimenting me on my hair recently so I wanted to be wholly truthful about it. Unless you have seen my previous hair extensions post (click here) then you wouldn’t necessarily know that I have had hair extensions fitted into my hair. I have been wearing these for about a year now (I have just gone onto my third set) and I absolutely love them. I wear hair extensions for a number of reasons: to make my hair feel thicker, to be able to do more hairstyles and to help my natural hair grow longer and stronger. I currently only have 70-75g of hair fitted into my hair (which have mainly been installed around the front of my head) and the average weight that most women get fitted is around 125g. So I really do have a small amount in my hair at the moment. If you want to get more information on extensions, definitely give my Cold Fusion Hair Extensions: Pros & Cons video on YouTube a watch (click here). But anyway, let’s get into the post!

For me, the choice to wear extensions was actually a big decision. I stress that if you are thinking about getting extensions yourself, you must do your research. Hair, stylist, method… you name it, you must ensure that you do not end up with a dodgy hairdo! Now the hair from Flowbella is absolutely gorgeous and is a good example of the type of hair that you need to go for. Flowbella only use the finest natural hair which is healthy virgin hair that has not been processed or chemically treated. Hair which has been processed or chemically treated can end up feeling a little synthetic which is obviously not a desirable look (or feel for that matter). Flowbella hair comes in brown or black (occasionally a lighter brown is available) which can be dyed to a lighter colour and styled using hot tools. Additionally the hair has not been coated in silicon or teflon and you can really tell just by touching the hair (each strand is so soft and silky). You can buy these extensions straight or wavy and they are available to order today (so click here). So let’s get to the pros and cons:


1. Lovely thick hair
2. You can style your hair a lot more (new hair styles alert!)
3. Enhances confidence
4. Your natural hair continues to grow strong and healthy
5. The cold fusion method is extremely safe (and can last between 5-6 months if treated well)
6. You can choose how to wear them, for example, more bonds at the front


1. Expensive!
2. If you do not treat them well, they can end up getting knotty and matted
3. High maintenance- you need to take extra care
4. Sometimes the bonds can show (especially when your hair is up)
5. You can lose some of the bonds throughout the 5-6 months
6. They make you hate your own hair!

Above: click here to check out my new video- Cold Fusion Hair Extensions: Pros & Cons

Would you get hair extensions? Let me know if you have any questions about them in the comments.

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