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Since getting back off from holiday almost 3 weeks ago, I am sad to inform you all that my natural tan is now fading *sobs*. But when you have Sienna X products lurking around in your beauty cabinet, maintaining an existing tan has never been so easy. It is no hidden lie that I am a major fan of Sienna X products (you can check out my previous posts by clicking here). A lot of you will know that I much prefer lotions to sprays, and gradual tans over express tanners. But since reviewing Sienna X’s Express Tanning Mist a few months ago, my attitudes towards sprays have completely changed. So since receiving new tanning goodies to play with, I am particularly intrigued to see how I get on with the limited edition Express Tan (in a body lotion!).

But first, let’s talk about the tanning products themselves. In a good body lotion tanner I look out for two things: the colour of the lotion and the smell. Personally I find applying darker lotions a lot easier- for one you are able to see where you are applying it and two, you can identify if you have rubbed it in well or not. Also smell is extremely important- I personally hate tanners that leave you smelling like a leftover curry. With that all being said, the Deep Self Tan Lotion scores extremely high in my books. As you can see from the picture above, the tan is extremely dark and it also smells like coconuts. The tan itself develops in 8 hours, lasts for 5-7 days and leaves a beautiful medium/dark tan after development (so don’t be put off by its darkness). The Express Tanning Mist is also incredible. Also smelling of coconuts, this quick and easy 360 spray with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E will leave a streak free tan in a matter of minutes (but you can leave it on for longer for a darker look). I will be trying out and showing you the results of these two products in a YouTube video next Friday (26th August), so click here to subscribe to my Youtube video so you do not miss out!

Now for something a little new. The Express Tan is a lotion that you leave on for an hour, wash off, and then watch it develop over the next 2-8 hours. The tan itself smells of Aloe Vera which if I am honest with you doesn’t smell as nice as the Deep Self Tan Lotion, but it is also meant to last for 5-7 days too. As you can see from the photos above, the photo on the far left are my legs with only the Radiance Body Balm on, the middle shows the colour of my legs after washing the tan off after an hour, and the photo on the far right shows my legs after 4 hours of development. Overall I am pretty chuffed with these results, it is extremely natural and completely streak free!  I will now continue to apply the Radiance Body Balm day and night to ensure that the tan last for the full 5-7 days.

Not only does Sienna X sell amazing tan, but they also stock some other incredible products too. Firstly check out my new bag… cute right? It totally reminds me of a swimming bag that I used to use when I was a kid, but such style still makes the ideal beach and gym bag. These Illuminating Pencil Trio in gold, silver and bronze are also super cool. They all contain a creamy texture which makes them the perfect tools for contouring the face and body. For instance, each colour is superb for highlighting the brow, cheek and collar bones, and not forgetting the body too. I shall be demonstrating how to use these pencils in my YouTube video next Friday (26th August), so click here to subscribe to my Youtube video so you do not miss out!

For each tanning product you buy from Sienna X this month, you get a free Luxury Self Tan Mitt too!  So grab your bottles guys and girls!

Have you tried out any Sienna X products at all before?

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