Skin Chemist: Review

I think having Skin Chemist products arrive at my door step felt like opening parcels around the Christmas tree- it was such a treat! Skin Chemist work along side pharmacists, chemists, scientists and beauticians who have developed world class products which targets all skin types. The three products that I received were: Rapid Facial Facemask, Been Venom Repair and Protect and Instant Facelift. Obviously I couldn’t really use the Instant Facelift as my skin isn’t exactly suitable so I gave it to my mum to try out (who is very old and wrinkly… jokes). Therefore for this reason the review below is wholly her opinion and experience using this product. So that this review can be wholly honest and realistic, I have been using these products morning and night for the last three weeks. Not only do I love companies that use natural ingredients also having a good ethos, but the following behind the products is extremely important for me. From the Duchess of Cornwall to Jourdan Dunn, Skin Chemist products will add that royalty touch to your skin. Pretty good following there me thinks!

Rapid Facial: Perfect for Congested Pores

Rapid facial has been voted one of Skin Chemist’s most favourite products and due to the countless amount of compliments received on this product, my expectations were very high. Using this product once a week made my skin feel utterly amazing. I particularly suffer from a oily t-zone where some of the pores around my nose can become congested and uncomfortable. However, the Glycolic acid within the product helped to break down the dead skin cells trapped underneath the top layer of the skin which suppressed my pore size. Now I am sat here and pleased to tell you all that my skin looks amazing- adiós congested pores! This product’s RRP price is £117.

Bee Venom Repair and Protect: Perfect for Spotty Skin

Oh. My. Good. Goodness. The wand for this product is just magical (no honestly). You know when you go to bed and feel a spot pulsating on your face, in this situation, all you can do is say a pray for its banishment. But Venom Repair sure does live up to its name… it’s venomous to spots! After applying this product onto my t-zone, the bee venom’s anti bacterial properties increased blood circulation which healed and killed my unwanted impurity. This product is also very good for any blemishes as bee venom also helps to regenerate the skin. This product’s RRP price is £79.95- and oh so worth every penny!

Instant Facelift: Say No To Wrinkles!

My beautiful mother trailed this product and here are her comments: ‘this product gave instant results in just three weeks. The lines by my eyes (also known as the dreaded ‘crow feet’) reduced in its appearance and my skin looked much brighter. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to brighten dull and aged skin’. This product contains the active ingredient Eyeseryl which works to inhibit collagen glycation to increase firmness and elasticity to the skin. The product also contains Vitamins A and E which helps to moisten and nourish mature, dry and sensitive skin. Wahoo a presto wrinkles! This product’s RRP price is £145.

Bee venom, Glycolic acid or Eyeseryl… which one takes your fancy peeps?

Much Love,

Eltoria x