Easy HIIT Workout Routine To Get You Started!*

Despite Summer almost being over there’s no excuse when it comes to stopping the exercise! As you all know that I’m recovering from a pretty nasty sternum injury, I’ve started to ease back into the exercise. If you are too feeling a little sluggish give this workout a try, you don’t need any equipment and all you need is your front living room.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. It has become a popular and effective way to burn fat for many people.

Description: 30 seconds on each exercise, 4 exercises back-to-back, rest for a minute. Repeat 5 times.

Time: 20-30 minutes

Warm Up

Time: 3-5 minutes

Star Jumps: (1 minute): Stand with knees slightly bent, feet shoulder-width apart, on a flat surface. Bend your knees into a squatting position then jump vertically as high as you can. As you begin to jump, extend your arms and legs out to the side at the same time to form a star shape. As you begin to descend from the jump, bring your arms and legs inwards near your body. Keep repeating for one minute.

Front-to-Back Leg Swings: (10 reps on each leg): Find something sturdy to use as support or go without it if you can balance yourself. Start with both feet directly under the hips and then swing the leg forwards and backwards.

Side-to-Side Leg Swings: (5 reps on each leg) Find something to use as support or go without it if you can balance yourself. Start with both feet directly under the hips and then swing one leg from side-to-side.

Inchworms: (Repeat 4 times): Stand with your feet close together. Begin by walking your hands forward slowly, alternating your left and your right. Keep going until body line is in a plank position. Then, take tiny steps towards your hands. Once you’re in the starting position, walk your hands out to a plank again and repeat.

Exercise 1: High Knees Running in Place: Start by standing with your feet at hip-width. Lift your right knee as high as you can (the higher, the better) and raise the opposite arm. Then, as quickly as you can (before your right foot lands), switch to the left knee. Keep doing this.

Exercise 2: Burpees: Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms above your head. Get down on your hands and simultaneously kick your feet back so that you are in a push-up position. Do one push up, then jump up into the air with your back and legs as straight as possible. Repeat again as quickly as you can.

Exercise 3: Jumping Squats: Start with your legs shoulder-width apart and then proceed with a regular squat. Once you have engaged your core, jump explosively. When you land, lower your body back into the squat position to complete one rep. Repeat again as quickly as you can.

Exercise 4: Mountain Climbers: Get into the plank position on the floor. Without elevating the hips, pull one knee up and in towards your core, then alternate with your other knee as quickly as you can.

Cool Down Time: 3-5 minutes

Gentle Jog in Place: (1 minute)

Toe Touches: (1 minute): Stand tall and keep your feet together. Raise your arms above your head and, without bending your knees, reach down to touch your toes. Once held for 30 seconds, come back up to the starting position and repeat twice.

Standing Quad Stretch: (1 minute): Stand on your left foot and grab your right shin (grabbing your foot is okay, too) by bending your leg behind you. Tuck your pelvis in, pull your shin towards your glutes, making sure your knee is pointing to the ground. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, then change legs.

Shoulder Rolls: (30 seconds): Stand tall and fully rotate your shoulders back and forth. Be careful not to overstretch the rotation as this can lead to injury.

Standing Bicep Stretch: (30 seconds): Clasp your hands behind your back with your palms together, straighten your arms, then place your palms downwards. Raise your arms up until you feel a stretch in your bicep and hold for 30 seconds.

Then enjoy a protein shake, I reccomend Skinny Shake®.

What’s your favourite type of workout? Let me know in the comments. Much Love, Eltoria x

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