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Teeez Cosmetics, a cruelty free brand from the Netherlands

Not only is the packaging the most gorgeous thing that I have ever seen but the makeup itself blew my mind away. I think a lot of us tend to stick to the likes Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, and NARS, but more recently I have been discovering new makeup brands which are as good as the market leaders. Although I am not criticising these types of brands (because I do use them myself a lot), but sometimes offering something more than a good product tends to be the demand these days. Teeez Cosmetics is a brand which does exactly this. Come to you all the way from the Netherlands, Teeez Cosmetics launch innovative makeup collections each season taking inspiration from new and upcoming fashion trends. This season greeted in the new ‘Fashion Vendetta’ collection which has been designed to make you feel like a million dollars, so you can probably imagine, I was super excited to give these products a bit of a test drive. So will I rate Teeez as a ‘Yey’ or ‘Ney’? Let’s take a look!

So first up is the Style Addict Highlighter in the shade Body Heat. Now isn’t this liquid highlighter the dreamiest and creamiest thing that you have ever seen? No jokes this highlighter makes my mouth water every time I see it. The pigmentation in this product is just insane, not only does it give that Kim Kardashian glow seal of approval but it is also very hydrating. You can only pop this highlighter directly onto the skin or on top of a BB cream or foundation- mixing it with a powder is a major no no. As you can see from my swatch above, it is just beautiful and it is a great product to use to highlight the cheek bone and brow bone. There are other colours available in the range so be sure to go and check it out.

Above: wearing To Die For Eyeshadow Quad (Equinox) and Read My Lips Lipstick in the shade On Trend

When it comes to eyeshadow quads I am like a magpie, there’s nothing better than opening up a shiny new case to find a set of fresh colours to try. This Equinox To Die For Eyeshadow Quad is the perfect buy if you are wanting dark smokey eyes. As you can see in the first image above, the colours are really pigmented and the powders themselves are not dusty. In image 2 above, I have duped them onto my eyelids for a natural look so it goes to show that you can also use this palette as a day one too. It’s such a high end palette and they also have other quad colours on their website too. 

Above: below (nearest the ring) Material Girl Lipstick, (centre) Read My Lips Lipstick, (right) Serial Lip Stain

You all know that I adore my lipsticks so trying out a few from the Teeez range was a pleasure. I am majorly fussy when it comes to lipsticks; they can’t be too dry nor too glossy so these Teeez lipsticks were sure up against one tough judge. Read My Lips Lipstick in the shade On Trend I swear was made for me. My favourite lipstick of all time is MAC Persistence (which is a beige/cinnamon colour) and this shade was almost identical to it. I must say that this lipstick differed in texture because it was a lot more creamier and moisturising but it wasn’t glossy at all, more of a satin matte. You can check out this colour on my lips in the image above. Secondly I tried out Material Girl Lipstick in the shade Tainted Love which again is beautifully creamy without being too glossy. Thirdly, Serial Lip Stain in the shade Radical was bullet proof! It was honestly one of the most lasting lip products in a matte finish that I have ever tried. Just to prove how lasting it was, in the images above you can see that I was able to wipe away the other two lip products easily but the lip stain took extra elbow grease. These lipsticks are also paraben and cruelty free which makes them better products to buy in my eyes, so do go and check them out (more colours available).

Last up was their Bullet Proof Flexible Mascara in the shade Dark Matter and boy, wasn’t it super flexible. This mascara is perfect for Spring and Summer because if you are someone like me who suffers from hay-fever, this mascara is crumble and smudge proof due to its super flexible formula. Overall I was incredibly impressed with the Teeez Cosmetics range and I look forward to trying a few other products out. So it’s a yes from me Teeez!

What do you think of this makeup brand? Which product do you like the look of?

Much Love

Eltoria x

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