12 Types Of Annoying People That You Will Meet Working In An Office

It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these posts (I think my last one was The Things That Girls With Sisters Can Understand) however they have come to be one of my favourite posts to write. Recently I have been observing the types of people that you come across in an office, don’t get me wrong I love where I work, but you do come across a few individuals that (perhaps innocently) get right on your nerves. So let’s take a peek into the 12 types of annoying people that you will meet working in an office. 

1. The Eye Wanderer

Have you ever had that person who looks at your chest or legs rather than looking at you in the eye? Yep, I’m sure that many of you have come across at least one or two in your working history. Although it is incredibly cringe and inappropriate, you shouldn’t put up with wandering eyes.

Source: http://onedio.ru/haber/15-veshej-ponyatnyh-tolko-zhenshinam-s-bolshoj-grudyu-10829

How to deal with it: Personally I like to sit down if they are looking at my legs but for the chest area, it is a little more difficult. I mean, why should you cover up a little bit of cleavage? If things get too inappropriate definitely report it to your manager or HR.

2. The Person With The Annoying Cough

You have two types of people here, first, the person who just coughs and splutters everywhere without covering their mouth… ew. And secondly the person who has a permanent cough (and may I add sounds like they are dying) but still refuses to go and see their GP. It is even more irritating when they start to cough in sync like a Jedward duo! Shivers.

Source: http://www.safebee.com/health/how-control-coughing-attack

How to deal with it: Offer them a cough sweet, hopefully that will stop their tickly throat. But for the permanent offender, gently remind them that a permanent cough might lead onto further health complications. Don’t make them worry, but just simply plant the seed… hopefully that will make them go.

3. The Person Who Speaks Loudly On The Phone

Now I must admit, I am most definitely this type of annoying person at work. Although I never use my work phone to talk about personal things, but no one needs to know that you are currently having bowel trouble. 

Source: http://info.communispond.com/blog/bid/316718/Speaking-Skills-you-can-t-sell-by-email

How to deal with it: Simply joke and make them aware (in a nice way) that they are pretty loud on the phone. It may also be worth turning the volume up on their phone so that they can hear much more clearly (but let’s hope that it doesn’t make them even more louder).

4. The Person One Who Does Not Shut Up

Again, I am definitely this type of annoying person at work (I love a good natter). But sometimes all you want to do is come in, sit down, and get on with your work peacefully. But oh no, Julie and Sarah won’t stop talking about last night’s Coronation Street episode (and overhearing something that you have no interest in is enough to turn any headache into a migraine).

Source: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-the-different-types-of-work-environment.htm

How to deal with it: Politely ask them to turn the volume down or alternatively, pop on some noise cancelling earphones on and listen to a few of your favourite jams. Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber are currently on my playlist at the moment.

5. The Mood Hoover

There’s nothing worse than working with a miserable sod, talk about sucking up the atmosphere. You start to feel negative, lethargic and generally pissed off. Someone pull the plug!

Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mood+hoover

How to deal with it: Try re-motivating this individual with some positivity, this can be done in many ways but ensure that you address the issue and come to a good and positive solution together.

6. The Joker

Although playing the odd prank now and again can be funny however, played on the wrong person can be ever so traumatic for all involved. Now I get pranked on a lot at work, but I think it is hilarious. I have had my mascot pig kidnapped (the below picture is genuine), laptop keys swapped, desk phone name changed, boxes put on my head. Yep you could say that it was borderline bullying (wink).

How to deal with it: make sure that the person you are pranking can actually take banter and have a laugh (you don’t HR on your case or a P45 in the post). But also make sure that it is innocent, joking that a relative has died is totally not cool. But if you are a victim of a joke that is innocent and inoffensive, laugh it off, it’s only banter.

7. The Morning Person

Again I am most definitely one of these (I actually do not know where I get my energy from). But when I am feeling tired, sluggish and generally have the need to hibernate in my bed, having that chirpy ‘good morning’ is like a painful headache.

Source: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35d65e

How to deal with it: try having a cold shower before work, or failing that, drink some coffee and try perking yourself up. Not only will it be the perfect remedy to that chirpy ‘good morning’, but it will also put you in a good mind set for work. If not, do what my colleague does and wear your noise cancelling headphones to ignore it (hiiii Adam).

8. The Cry Baby

I think that this is probably the most annoying person to work with. Don’t get me wrong if it is about something that is legitly wrong then that’s acceptable, but when it’s over something small, they just need to get a grip. Work is work, it’s not personal.

Source: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/215539532142355240/

How to deal with it: If there is something legitly wrong, invite them into a meeting room and grab a hot drink (a problem shared is a problem halved). If they are a constant cryers then the best thing to do is the address the issue and find out what the trigger is. Failing that, talk to your line manager.

9. The Monitor Moaner

I think everyone has a grumble at their computer screens, but when it is ‘f*!?? this’ and ‘f*!?? that’, not only is it unprofessional but it is incredibly unsettling. 

Source: http://newsthump.com/2013/01/28/major-technological-breakthrough-as-man-fixes-computer-by-shouting-at-it/

How to deal with it: address the issue straight away and explain how unsettling and offensive it is. If they still continue, it might be the time to have a word with their line manager (or even report it to HR).

10. The Email Ping Pong Champion

Have you ever had a game of email ping pong? Well if so, you will know that the ‘CC’ button is the absolute devil. There’s always a few people who either ignore what you say in emails, go on and on about something, or simply send emails on your behalf without your acknowledgement. There are so many versions to this Email Ping Pong game .

Source: https://www.zoho.com/projects/blog/say-goodbye-to-unproductive-workplace-practices-and-build-a-culture-of-collaboration-with-project-management-apps-part-1.html

How to deal with it: I always find that speaking to people on the phone or face to face is so much easier than having a ping pong match over email. So throw in the towel and pick up that phone!

11. The Know It All

The person who just constantly has an answer for everything, or even worse, someone who just won’t accept that they are wrong. It’s a ‘you do your job and I will do mine’ kind of situation.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141008193539-3145291-notes-from-a-recovering-know-it-all

How to deal with it: sometimes it is just easier to brush it off, but if it is interfering with your job performance, definitely have a word in hope that they will back off.

12. The Bossy Person

People who boss you around who aren’t your boss seriously need jump of a…… (never mind). There’s nothing worse than have someone on your case the whole time, breathing down your neck. Just no. It even makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

How to deal with it: address how you are feeling to the culprit, you never know that they may not realise that they are doing it. Failing that, report it to your line manager.

Which ones have you come across? Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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