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Firstly let’s just appreciate on how colourful and pretty these products look… yep, you have done well once again LUSH. LUSH has got to be one of my favourite shops of all time, and most of you will know that I actually used to work for the company for 3 years. So with some of the LUSH Easter products being a few of my favourite, I thought that I’d put together a little LUSH Easter Haul (with a few Mothers Day products thrown in) so you guys can check out what is in the range this year. I must say that I am pretty impressed with the variety, I love that they have kept a few Easter favourites and then have introduced a few new ones. I am kind of gutted that they did not bring back Bunny Bubbleroon though. So with Easter bath bombs being a lot healthier than chocolate eggs, let’s take a little look what’s on the menu:

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Bunch of Carrots has returned to LUSH with a brand new look… they are in different colours! Last year all of the carrots were just orange, but now they are orange, pink and purple! Talk about stealing the show. The carrots smell extremely fresh and they are jammed packed with bergamot oil and lemon oil. All you need to do is swish one of them around the bath to create bubble glaciers, or if you are lazy like me, attach one to your bath tap to allow the water to run onto it.

Fluffy Egg is such a LUSH Easter classic. Smelling just like the most loved Snow Fairy scent which is only up for grabs around Christmas time, this bath bomb will sure feed your addiction for the beautiful pink stuff right up until the end of the year. Decorated with real icing flowers and cute patterns, this bath bomb is definitely a safe bet for any person who simply loves pink (I would say cake too, but you can’t eat those icing flowers because they taste like soap... Yes I did try in my video).

Golden Egg is a little LUSH Easter underdog, I guess it isn’t everyones cup of tea until they actually try it. So with it not being either a bath bomb or a bubble bar, many people think that bath melts are just boring. Err, but not this one my friends. Sugared with a beautiful gold Agar Agar gel (to make it look like glitter) this bath melt is luxurious in every single way. Whilst the Argar Agar gel dissolves in the bath (so you don’t have to dread the awful mess), this bath melt makes your skin feel ever so soft and hydrated. Smelling a little like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, this bath melt is just perfect for Easter!

Which Came First bath bomb has got to be a LUSH favourite for all. Whilst it may just look like one huge bath bomb, it is actually 3-1! The idea is that you crack this bath bomb like an egg, which then releases a smaller egg inside, and this counts as your first bath. You can then use each piece of the outer shell as your second and third bath (clever ay?). Smelling a little like grapefruit, lemon and cocoa butter, this bath bomb is just the ultimate Easter gift this year.

Humpty Dumpty is brand new to the Easter 2016 range and it smells ever so sexy (not going to lie). Smelling just like Honey Bee bath bomb, It’s Raining Men Shower Gel, Gold Fun, and Butterball, I predict that this bath bomb is going to be a sell out this Easter. Just like the Which Came First bath bomb, this Humpty Dumpty has an alter ego so don’t be fooled by the one bath bomb one bath rule. There is in fact three too *winky emoji*. So if you are in a hump and down in the dumps, flip your spirits by having a bath with Humpty Dumpty!

Ladybird bubbleroon is actually a product from the Mothers Day range, but I was too intrigued to leave it out of my shopping basket. Infused with geranium and peppermint, this product smells a little like Rehab shampoo and Mask of Magnaminty facemark. Mmm how refreshing! All you need to do is tear a bit off, crumble it into the bath, and watch the bubble glaciers grow bigger and bigger. You can use the whole lot of you want to, but I tend to get 2-3 baths out of a bubbleroon this size.

Rose Bombshell bath bomb has got to be my favourite out of them all. Despite it being another Mothers Day product, it smells just like Rose Jam bubbleroon and Rose Jam shower gel which happens to be my favourite LUSH scent of all time. Encased in a beautiful pink, the inner bit to this bath bomb is actually green, so you can watch it turn different colours before turning the bath water pink (with some romantic rose petals to finish). This is what Sunday bath times should be made of.

What is your favourite LUSH Easter product this year?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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