How To Style A Leather Skirt

For me Spring 2017 screams two things… mesh tops and leather skirts! Since purchasing my Rose Gold Leather Look Mini Skirt for £22.99 from New Look I have since been obsessed. A leather skirt is the perfect style piece to own in order to transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring. You can pair anything with a leather skirt; a pair of tights and a polar neck for when it is a little chilly, or bare legs with a funky tee and a fedora hat on more of a Spring’s day. However a mesh top and a leather skirt seems to be my favourite ‘go to’ combo at the moment.

I also like the fact that leather skirts often come in a range of colours too. Although black is great, being a little adventurous with colour throughout the Spring months should be a done thing for everyone. If you are a little unsure perhaps purchase a pastel/metallic leather skirt, that way it isn’t too bold. This Pale Blue Leather-Look Mini Skirt by New Look would be the perfect place to start. Pale blue looks great paired with greys, pinks, blacks, and whites… so it is the perfect way to add a splash of colour into your outfit.

Leather skirts don’t have to be just for casual wear, they also look great dolled up to the nines. You can simply pair a glitzy top or a bodysuit; in fact, when I originally went shopping for my engagement party outfit (click here to read that post) I was desperate for a blush leather skirt. But could I find one in my size anywhere? No. So I had to settle for an asymmetric skirt. The great thing with leather is that it works extremely well with other textures; sequins, mesh, cotton… you name it, it has the ability to transform any outfit. So if you are feeling ultra daring, 100% pair a sequin body suit with a leather skirt and watch the compliments roll on in.

But what about shoes? Again, a leather skirt can match anything. You can wear anything from boots, heels, loafers, over the knee boots… you could also probably get away with wearing trainers. Whatever you are feeling, go for it!

Will you be rocking a leather skirt this Spring?

Much Love

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