MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter

There are no words to this product other than it is frickin’ amazing. I must live under a rock or something because I didn’t know that this product even existed up and until now (and it is the solution to all contouring problems.). MAC’s Prep+Prime might as well be the sister to the good ol’ highlighter (yes I am on about the stationary kind) because you can easily highlight and focus any attention away from unwanted areas. Hello Hollywood cheekbones, and goodbye to the dark circles under the eyes. I cannot stress enough on how easy this little tool is to use. Many would think that highlighting and contouring ought to be left to the professionals because there appears to be ‘a lot to it’, but it is in fact achievable in a matter of strokes. Rather than just talking to you all through it in a blogging kind of way, I thought that it would be much easier to create a mini makeup tutorial using this highlighter in a YouTube video. And as helpful as I am, I have attached this video at the end of this post for all of your kind attentions (winky wink). Now, although this post may not exactly be a step by step guide on how to highlight and contour your face (I have left my vlog to do the talking there), I can sure tell you a little more about it!

As this highlighter is a liquid, this product must not be used on top of a powdered foundation. After all the the golden rule is that ‘powders must come after liquids’. Using liquids on top of powders will cause the product to separate and will inevitably make your makeup to look incredibly cakey and messy. Not cool. As I have a slight tinge of yellow to my skin, the shade that I am using above is called Light Boost. MAC also do two other shades called Radiant Rose (which is perfect if you have more of a pink tinge to your skin) and Bright Forecast (which is more suitable to darker skin tones). Whilst I may not use this highlighter every single day, it is perfect when wanting to sculpt out the perfect night out look. So grab that LBD and your dancing shoes, because MAC’s Prep+Prime will sure keep you looking fabulous until sunrise.

Above Light Boost: This product is just genius at smoothing out shadows, covering up dark circles under the eyes, and creating sculpted highlights on the bone structure. Below: learn how to use, sculpt, highlight and contour using this product.

What’s your favourite highlighter when it comes to contouring?

Much Love

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