Batiste| Sweetie and Marrakech Dry Shampoo

Now I am probably repeating myself here, but I absolutely love Batiste dry shampoo products. As mentioned before, it is no secret that I like to use dry shampoo when I’ve overslept, lived it rough camping or when I simply cannot be bothered to wash my hair. Whatever hair dilemma I am in, I can always depend on a bit of the white stuff to get me out of a greasy spot of bother. Not only do I use Batiste dry shampoo to spray away all of my hair troubles, but it is also fantastic for styling because it makes the texture of the hair so much easier to handle. So not only is Batiste perfect for unwashed dirty hair, but it is also works well in clean fresh hair making it the ultimate all round hair product (why couldn’t I come up with genius idea this when I used to put baby talc in my hair when I was a kid?).

Love me? Marry me? Please say yes Sweetie! This bottle of sugary delight is infused with raspberry and vanilla which leaves your hair smelling irresistible (or hungry for some Love Hearts if you are just like me). I would have to say that this new Sweetie dry shampoo by Batiste is my current favourite as I personally think that it is the best smelling one. I like to spray this product onto the roots my hair, and then gently massage (and brush through) using a tangle teaser (saves washing your hands). I find that this method is much gentler and cleaner than using your fingers. 

Awaken your senses and clear your minds for this new bottle of Moroccan glory. Not only will the scent of this dry shampoo spice up your style, but the hint of fresh lemons will take you to the hills of Morocco (if only). Not only are Batiste dry shampoos perfect for banishing greasy roots, but they are also the perfect in pro-longing a blow dry or a hair style that your hairdresser perfectly crafted for the party that you went to the night before (take note Gemma Collins!). Simply spritz onto the root, fluff it up a bit, and what do you know, your hair will look good as new (fit for a Marrakech princess I would say).

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What are your favourite Batiste products? Any scent you like?
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