The Facemask Challenge

Ok this video has never been done on YouTube before but I would class it as the ultimate beauty bloggers challenge! As you all know (and can probably tell from my header) I LOVE facemasks and this idea came to me whilst (one time) struggling to choose which colour to use on my face. All you need is some colourful facemasks (add some food colouring if you want brighter colours) some brushes, and a partner to paint on. This is perfect for a girlie night (as you are also treating your skin) or just as a muck around like Beky and I! This particular video we filmed for you ended very eventful and we didn’t check whether Beky and myself were allergic to any… you can probably guess what happened next. Anywho, make sure you do check whether you are allergic before applying and hashtag #facemaskchallenge if you attempt this! I want to see all of your videos!

Enjoy the video! Will you be doing one?

Much Love,

Eltoria x

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