How To Do Copper Ombre

Oh I’ve done it again… the change of the hair colour edition 2. Some of you may already know that Autumn is my favourite season. Not only did I just celebrate my birthday on the 26th September, but I love the colours, the trends, the jumpers that Autumn brings. I could list so many more reasons as to why I love Autumn but we’d be here for a while. However stiring back into the topic to hand, I have always wanted ombre hair but have unfortunately had a number of problems in achieving this. I first (tried to) ombre my hair around two years ago which ended up in disaster. Put this way, ombreing your hair on old henna’d hair and using a box kit really does not mix well. But two years later I am here to tell you another story. Having naturally dark hair with dye already in it, my hairdresser had to give me a very light bleach bath to get all of the random tones out- it is here where I changed my hair to a auburn colour (which I absolutely loved). However this time I wanted to fulfil my desire to have ombre hair. Copper ombre in fact. Having loved my auburn hair but missing my brunette frame (around my face) ombre hair also felt like a great compromise. But do note, my hair in the images below were done by Lisa Trigo who is a professional hairdresser. The tips below are just a guideline as to how you can obtain the best looking copper ombre hair yourself. Much of it is hair dependant so do read the hair dye guidelines before applying.

Step One: Firstly, It is extremely important to evaluate your hair. If your hair is blonde or of a lighter colour, it is more than likely that your hair is going to go more of an orange tone rather than copper. You may have to pre-prepare your hair before doing this type of ombre. Do contact your hairdresser if you are unsure.

Step Two: Apply the root base colour (or alternatively use your own). Now this step is wholly dependant on your own hair colour so the time will vary. As you can see in the images below, I opted to have my ombre fairly high up so you can go down (or up) as far as you want.

Step Three: Wash the dye out and then blow dry your hair until fully dry.

Step Four: Now the key tip to obtaining good copper ombre is to be ‘random’, so this means having 2-3 different colours to hand, and to avoid any straight lines (which is is often the common mistake). The colours that were used in my ombre were blonde, auburn, and copper. These were applied using foils which were placed randomly amongst there hair. There was no order to it.

Step Five: Yet again, leaving in the dye will wholly depend on your original hair colour. Mine was left in for 20-30 minutes and then shampooed and conditioned out. Washing your hair under lukewarm/cooler water will help to add extra shine to your hair.

Step Six: Dry and style- you are now ready to rock your own Autumn ombre hair!

So what do you make of copper ombre hair?
Much Love

Eltoria x