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Click here to watch the first YouTuberversity Challenge

Hey ya’ll, well isn’t this a little bit of a random mid week post! Myself and the rather fabulous Chip Daddy filmed the first ever YouTuberversity Challenge and trust me, it’s a bit of a ‘tickle in the ribs’ if you enjoy two people struggle with some general knowledge questions. Since this is the first ever one, I reckon some of you guys should tweet using the hashtag #YouTuberversityChallenge with the names of the next YouTubers you would like to see attempt this next (hint, Joe and Casper maybe?). Be sure to go over and check out the video by clicking here and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, comment and hit the subscribe button (cummon’ help a girl out). Let me know what you think! 

Chip Daddy and I also filmed The Nutella Challenge which took us literally minutes to eat a whole pot each (and trust me it was hard!). Although Nutella is probably one of the best things to gorge yourself on, it is in fact quite hard to stomach (I felt ill for a couple of days after). This I would say was a delicious challenge, so be sure to use the hashtag #TheNutellaChallenge with the names of the YouTubers you wish to see do it next. Check out the video by clicking here and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, comment and a cheeky subscribe to Chip too.

Click here to watch The Nutella Challenge

What YouTubers would you like to see do the YouTuberversity and The Nutella Challenge next? 

Much Love

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