Stress, Stress, STRESS

I am writing this post in relief having just handed in my assessed piece of Employment Law. Let’s just say, I do not want to see another text book again, well, not until Monday at least. So with my first week back at University going so horribly wrong, I have endured the following: kidney infection, broken heater, doctor/hospital appointments, sleepless nights, rainfall, broken phone charger and generally feeling like utter crap. I’d say this week is up there with one of my worst. 

I currently feel like green and yellow one. Which one are you?

I am generally a person who hates being on my own, I guess being a twin has something to do with that. Since coming to university I still haven’t been able to snap out it. I tend to get all panicky when I’m on my own or whilst feeling stressed or ill. Sometimes being in a club or in a crowded place without really close friends or my brother and sister can also make me feel uncomfortable. It’s not like I hate socialising, I love it, but I guess I can’t put a pin point on it. A lot of people out there feel exactly the same so I’m not alone. Nor are you if you feel the same way.

It’s not that I am a quiet person, I am really far from that. In a lot situations I pretend that I am OK when I’m really not, it’s not healthy and only growing up has made me realise it. When I was younger (around 9-12) I used to suffer from anxiety attacks, not big ones, but ones that made me feel out of breath, dry mouthed (if that’s even a word) and dizzy. This all happened because I kept my emotions to myself and closed off everyone around because I said that ‘I was fine’. Saying ‘I’m fine’ all the time can really take its toll and cause a lot of problems for you whether that being mentally or physically, you shouldn’t become your own worst enemy. Becoming your own worst enemy will only bring out the worst in you. Take the time out for yourself and talk to someone, whether it being your parents or a close friend because I guarantee that it will make you feel 100% times better.

We all suffer from some sort of stress: money, relationships, school, work. Whilst a stress free life is almost not a guarantee, a healthy dose of it can really do wonders.But when the clouds are out and a storm is brewed, sometimes us humans really just have to relax and take a break. 

We all cant be a superhero at the end of the day.

Stress free Love

Eltoria x