Sienna X| Express Tanning Mist, Shimmer Spray, Polishing Body Scrub & Luxury Self Tan Mitt

Uh oh… I’ve been trying out even more tanning products from Sienna X, and I think that I am now hooked on the brand in all honesty. Since my Sienna X Gradual Self Tan and Radiance Body Balm post, I have decided to move away from my beloved gradual tanning lotions to something that I am admittedly a little scared of, tanning mists. If there’s one thing that history can tell me about my relationship with tanning mists, that is, I don’t usually get on with them. Rather than looking like a bronzed babe, I usually end up looking like a piece of streaky bacon. I think it’s because I much prefer seeing and feeling exactly where I am putting my tan, rather than, spraying something that I cannot really see or feel. So let’s see what I also think of Sienna X’s Shimmer Spray, Polishing Body Scrub and Luxury Self Tan Mitt.

My first comment on the Express Tanning Mist is just wow… it smells just like coconuts! I probably have to say that this product is officially the sexiest smelling tanning product that I have ever tried. There isn’t even a hint of indian curry in there anywhere (hooray). Infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, this ‘spray tan in a can’ isn’t just the perfect remedy for sun hungry skin, but it also perfect for the dry and sensitive. As you can see from the results below, my tan is incredibly natural and even (which I must admit I am pretty shocked at). I followed Sienna X’s ‘How to apply: Sienna X Q10 Tanning Mist’ on YouTube, so go and check that out if you are wanting a streak free spray tan.

Shimmer Spray is the product to take away with you if you are going on a summer holiday this year. This product has the ability to enhance any tan (whether real or fake) and it is the perfect finish if you are wanting your bronzed skin to sparkle. Since using this product after applying the Express Tanning Mist, I have completely fallen in love. I can imagine that this product will look incredibly dreamy after a good tanning session on the beach, or after applying any fake tan. I have the spray in gold, but you can also get it in silver.

Polishing Body Scrub is a beautiful product which is amazing for exfoliation before and after tanning. Packed with fine pumice, shea butter, sweet almond oil and lemon grass, this bottle of delight will leave your skin feeling smooth and beautifully nourished (and not to mention smelling fabulous too). I like to use this product to remove dead skin so that I am able to create the perfect base before tanning, and then again a few days after to encourage a gentle fade.

If there’s one thing that I would make any tan lover buy, that would be Sienna X’s Luxury Tanning Mitt. Re-designed for extra comfort, this mitt’s super soft velvet surface makes applying tan a lot easier. Unlike many other tanning mitts, you are able to use both sides and it is also washable. It is honestly one of the softest tanning mitts out there on the market at the moment.

What products would you use from the range?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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