LUSH Christmas Products 2016

Tis the season to be jolly… well for LUSH it is. If you didn’t know already LUSH released their Christmas range into UK stores on Saturday the 1st of October so I was first down to check out the whole entire range. The Christmas range is hand down the best, I mean, Rose Jam shower gel makes a comeback along with my other favourite ballistics- Shoot For The Stats, Luxury LUSH Pudding and Father Christmas. Although most of my favourite bath time treats make a comeback they often come with a new makeover too. So let’s take a sneak peek into my 2016 Christmas picks:

Luxury Lush Pudding (left) smells just like Twilight (lavender and Ylang Ylang) and Shoot For The Stars (right) smells just like Honey Bee (so honey and chocolate I reckon).

Father Christmas (right) smells just like Snow Fairy and it goes a gorgeous dark orange colour, whereas newbie Peeping Santa (left) smells just like cocoa butter (so pretty dreamy). You an use Peeping Santa 2-3 times.

So White (left) has had a makeover… well it now has an apple leaf to represent its smell. Never Mind the Ballistic (right) is very similar to So White because it smells ever so fresh, but it smells of oranges and limes- two of your five a day there.

I am so happy that Butter Bear (right) is back! Just look how cute he looks. He smells just like Butterball bath ballistic whereas Northern Lights (middle) smells like Christmas Eve (if you remember the bubble bar from last year). Star Dust (left) on the other hand is jammed packed with rosewood oil and shimmery agar agar gel- so it turns your water into a shimmery lagoon! 

Snow Fairy is just Snow Fairy- it smells AWESOME (a little like candy floss I reckon). Rose Jam is even better… it is honestly the best shower gel on the market. Whilst the rose and lemon duo may not sound appealing however, the additional argan oil and bergamot oil practically turns this combination into one of the best fragrances you will ever smell. So head on over to a LUSH store to take a whiff, you will not regret it!

You can check out my full haul over on YouTube, be sure to watch it by clicking here.

Above: Click here to watch the full video

What will you be picking up this Christmas?

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