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Ok so we’ve had Calvin Klein, Diesel, Emporio Armani on the Eltoria Blog so who’s up next? So I totally believe that this next brand, Tommy Hilfiger, is a massive underdog in the underwear game so I am here to tell you why. If you didn’t get treated this Valentines Day, updating your knicker drawer with some Tommy Hilfiger goodies is the ultimate belated Valentines gift to yourself (much better than flowers and chocolates if you ask me). Boxers and Briefs is the go to place if you are wanting to look for quality underwear at a competitive price. What I love about Boxer and Brief is that they have size guides and ‘ask a question’ service which makes picking the perfect pair of undies so simple. If that’s not enough for you, use the discount code ‘ELTORIA’ in order to receive 20% off your purchase! So let’s check out what I got from this fabulous site.

The Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Iconic Cotton Bralette and Cotton Leggings are the most softest items to touch- you can really tell that they are made with real quality cotton. What I love about this duo is that they are so simple yet incredibly stylish, I love the branded waist band on both pieces and they look pretty swish on if I don’t say so myself. You can get various colour at Boxers and Briefs (red, berry, white, grey, striped) but I find the navy blue so sophisticated against the red and navy blue Tommy Hilfiger logo. Again like the Emporio Armani bralette and leggings, you can totally get away wearing these as pyjamas!

Ok last up, let’s talk knickers! My goodness these Tommy Hilfiger Womens Iconic Cotton Bikini Briefs are literally the best pants to wear under your lounging pants- say goodbye to all of those awkward wedgies. Again the cotton is very soft and they are perfect if you are looking for comfort.

Would you lounge about in Tommy Hilfiger?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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