Soap & Glory Body Butters

I first properly used Soap & Glory products about a year a go and I loved everything about them (read my originally review here). The vintage packaging and their extremely cute and witty puns wins me over all the time (you could say that they have definitely ‘buttered’ me up). What I particularly like about Soap & Glory products is their variety; you can buy these really cute (and well valued) sample pots or you can buy huge tubs which look incredibly American. Which I j’adore. The butters contain fantastic ingredients like Shea Butter, Kiwi Water, and Coconut Oil; so they are great contenders on the moisture front. Some of you will know that I am extremely fussy when it comes to skin products as I tend to use LUSH products which contain fresh and natural ingredients. I would say that Soap & Glory body butters are a great alternative as they treat the skin well and smell incredible too. Don’t know which one to choose? Below check out my brief summary on each one!

Sugar Crush: This butter is perfect to those who love that gorgeous fresh citrusy twang to their body butter. I love to pop this butter on when it is slightly warmer outside or first thing in the morning; who doesn’t like that fresh feelin’? This body butter would be more suitable to those who do not exactly like a heavy moisturiser.

The Righteous Butter: This butter is my ultimate favourite! I can never exactly pin point the smell, but I like to think that it smells like fluffy candy floss (but do let me know your opinions below!). This product is particularly good for those who suffer from dry skin, so perfect for the current bitter January weather.

Butter Yourself: To all you ‘five a day’ goers, this butter will sure compliment your January diets. Infused with orange water juice, peppermint oil, and fruitliquid fig, this butter is mighty healthy and refreshing. I would say that this body butter was suitable for all skin types, so get one of your five a day in! (winky emoji)

As you can see in the image above, the butter is incredibly thick and luxurious which lasts for a seriously long time. The smaller pots would be ideal for those who like to travel or go to the gym a lot (or just simply for a little try). You can pick up for the smaller pots for around £3.00 and the larger pots for around £10.00 (which are honestly humongous and a bargain). A seriously great and well valued brand.

Which one would you like to try?

Much Love 

Eltoria x


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