8 Tips To Sleeping Well*

With most people having hectic schedules, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are finding it hard to sleep. As someone who was guilty of working right up until I shut my eyes, changing my sleeping habits was probably one of the best things that I ever did. So these 8 top tips are an easy way to kick your bad sleeping habits to the curb. First tip is to take a look at the FUUM website.

Invest in a good mattress, it surprisingly makes a huge difference. Because I am moving house very soon, recently I got a new mattress from FUUM. As I exercise a lot, I do get a lot of tension in my back so good support is imperative when it comes to getting a good night sleep. FUUM are different for many reasons. Not only have they invested a lot of time into technology, but their unique combination of foam layers which are covered in a deep micro quilted of intelligent, breathable fabric, ends up creating airspace between you and the mattress. Consequently this means more air, more support, more sleep. I managed to get £150.00 off my mattress using the discount code FUUM150, so take advantage whilst it is still there.

De-clutter your bedroom and keep it clean and tidy to create a calm, organised and relaxed bedroom to sleep in.

Remove all technology, including your TV, mobile phone and tablet. This prevents you from bringing work into your bedroom, reinforcing to your brain that the bedroom is a space reserved for sleep only.

Clean your bedroom regularly this improves your sleep and keeps you healthier, by ridding your room of dust, pet hair, pollen and bacteria. This reduces the risk of asthmatic attacks and allergic responses.

Change your sheets at least every two weeks. Washing your bed linen in hot water, keeping your bed crisp and fresh helps you get to sleep more easily, and reducing dust mite risk at the same time.

Reduce outside noise. Tape over gaps in windows or double-glaze them to reduce street noise. Use earplugs or a white noise generator such as SleepPhones if you can’t reduce outside noise or your partner snores loudly.

Invest in good curtains/blinds, total darkness is key! Personally the best night sleeps that I have ever had are in complete darkness, so pop down to Ikea and get some blackout blinds!

Get as big a bed as you can, especially if you sleep with a partner. Super king size gives you twice the size of a single bed, whereas a double bed only gives you the same room as a baby in a cot. More space to sleep in means you get a better, less disturbed night’s sleep as a couple. FUUM offer a wealthy range of sizes so do check them out.

Do you have any great tips? Much Love, Eltoria x

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