Michael Kors Purses

This gorgeous Michael Kors purse has to be one of my favourite Christmas presents this year. Now before Christmas I was (shamefully) one of those girls who stored (or more like chucked) their credit cards into the pockets of my bag or more commonly, in the main compartment. I am such a clumsy and forgetful person that I have been known to leave and lose things, so popping everything into one place made total sense. Anyway, my boyfriend’s sister (So Olivia) bought me this Michael Kors purse for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I love that it isn’t too small nor is it too big, and its wrist strap makes it ever so mobile to take it out and about (and when I say ‘take it out’ I mean to the local Sainsburys). My favourite feature is its central compartment and boy, I didn’t think such thing existed. As you can see below, my iPhone looks incredibly homely and protected in its own designated spot and it has made this purse the ultimate survival kit. The only criticism I have on this purse is that it doesn’t have a lot of card slots, so if you’re a hoarder of old debit and library cards, this purse wouldn’t be for you. But nevertheless, it is perfect for any Fashion Blogger or fashionista!

Michael Kors have an amazing collection on their website (click here) however, TK Maxx do stock the odd one or two so go and check it out when you’re next near one. It may make your day!

What do you reckon? Yay or nay?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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