Why is Foot Care Important?

Now if there is one
thing that I would do last in a beauty regime that would be my feet… I hate
feet; I don’t even like my own.  I’m the
sort of girl who would paint their toe nails all nice and then probably not touch
them in a good few weeks- especially during the autumn and winter months. But
foot care I would consider to be (cosmetically)
equally as important as my eyebrows and finger nails, but I would say that they
would be more important hygienically (I
mean all you have to do is Google a bad case of athlete’s foot… Yuk
). So as
a little promise to myself, I Eltoria, will be giving myself a foot spa at
least once a week- and I’m not allowed to accept the ‘I was too busy’ card. I
used to give myself a foot spa once a week when I was a young teen, but you all
know how it is, there just isn’t enough hours in a day. So ladies and
gentleman, guys and girls, will you be joining on my new footsie ritual?

If you have not heard of the Mandara Spa before it is a luxury chain that can be found across the seas. Their luxurious line of bath and body care products are inspired by natural ingredients which are also used in their spa treatments too (and you all know how much I love natural products). The products that I have been using recently come from the Island Paradise Foot Care Essentials and they are honestly amazing. The Island Paradise range takes its inspiration from the peace and tranquillity found in the Maldives, and they smell like grapefruit and lemon which makes you want to whisk away to the exotic island yourself (or at least give yourself a foot spa on the sofa). The range includes a foot scrub, foot butter, foot fizzlers and moisturising socks. Now I have to say that using these products in my new foot care regime made the whole experience very spa like- I found myself religiously using the products in order and I even used the foot fizzlers… cummon’ guys that deserves some sort of  praise! My feet felt ever so soft and I made sure that I soaked my feet with the foot butter in my moisturising socks over night- I’m even writing this post with them on now!

Left: Island Paradise Softening Foot Butter Middle: Food Butter Right: Island Paradise Smoothing Foot Scrub

Foot care is important for many reasons. Not only do your feet enable you to be active but they also help in keeping the weight off and improving muscle and bone strength (and not to mention they also make a pair of Kurt Geiger’s look fabulous). But as we get older the skin on our feet get older too, so the whole ‘crusty soles’ can become a serious issue for us in our senior years (a good scrub on the ol’ pumice stone now and again could prevent a nasty fall in the future… and I’m not even joking!). Un-kept soles can also look nasty in a pair sandles so be sure that your feet are fit by summer 2016 (you all have been warned people). Proper foot care can also alert people to early signs of some serious health issues like poor circulation and diabetes (a common symptom is numbness and foot blisters). Similarly keeping your toenails in check can also prevent the cause of ingrown toenails and infections, and trust me a bad ingrown toenail does look nasty. On a daily basis it is important to keep your feet clean and dry- simple things like washing and drying your feet with warm water can help significantly. It is also important to keep your skin moist by applying cream to your feet each day and wearing clean socks. Just a few more things to bear in mind on top of my new regime.

Will you be treating your feet a little more often now?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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