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Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I hope you all got spoilt with lots of chocolate eggs and Easter goodies (I’m sure I’ll be in some sort chocolate egg coma later). Instead of posting a YouTube video post like I do most Sundays, this week I thought that it would be nice to share some of the beauty products that I have been trying out recently (this weeks YouTube video will be posted sometime throughout the week). As you can see from the image above I have been trying out a number of things: mascara fibres, toners, perfumes, leg wax, creams, and more face masks and fake tan. I love doing these kind of posts because I am able to stir away from my everyday products that I tend to use on a daily basis, and become more brave in trying something a little more different (I think most of us are guilty of the latter). So with a variety of beauty products ready to be auditioned, I almost feel like Simon Cowell judging this year’s Britain’s Got Talent (I promise that I won’t be that brutal). So here I go, will I stick with my usual or will I change to one of the above? Hmmm.

Anatomicals Face mask: firstly I must comment on this face mask’s simple yet genius packaging (I love a bit of a Grease reference). So I will tell you more (get it?). When I first look at any face mask I always look at the ingredients (I am a little anal like that) and I can tell you now that this mask has all of the right ones to help manage greasy skin. Talc, Kaolin, Bentonite (a type of clay) and Oat Protein are all ingredients that help to absorb excess grease from the skin, and the Glycerin and Mineral Oil helps to cure pimples and congested pores because it adds oxygen and hydrogen into the skin. This face mask made my skin feel ever so soft and my pores stayed oil free for the rest of the day. You can pick up this face mask for £2.24.

Nair Argan Oil: if I have to be honest with you all, waxing scares the hell out of me. All you have to do is watch my Different Methods of Hair Removal video (click here) to see that. Overall I would say that I was a shaving kind of girl but as mentioned above, the whole point of this post is to try out new and different things. Whilst opening the box to this product I was half expecting it to look quite scary but as you can see above, it couldn’t look any more simpler. What I love above this product is that all you have to do is pop it into the micro wave and leave it until the wax is at a acceptable temperature, apply with the applicator in direction of hair growth, and then remove in one quick movement (and the tub is big enough for at least 3 uses!). As we all know that waxing has the stigma of  ‘hurting quite a lot’, but to my amazement this product didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would (that bye bye pain formula sure must have worked!). This product does come with full directions and guidance so don’t feel as though you’d be completely left on your own. Would I use this product again? Yes I would but only on special occasions (shaving just seems to be so much more quicker). You can pick this product up for £11.99.

Jica Lash Extension Treatment– Personally I am usually the sort of girl who just whacks on thickening and lengthening mascara on a daily basis, and puts on fake eyelashes on a night out, so using fibres is still a little new to me. I have been using this product for a number of weeks now and I can say that this product does make a difference (talk about va va va voom eyelashes!). I wouldn’t say that this product does give the same result as ‘eyelashes on a night out look’ but it sure does add a lot more definition and thickness to my everyday make up. I however do note that my eyelashes look extra thick when I use this product before applying my mascara and again after (so I guess double application double the thickness right?). Would I use this product again? I would, but the price of it does seem a little dear to me! You can pick up this product for £13.95.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club: And you too can get your very own box sent straight to your door step! If you are someone like me who loves trying out new fragrances and goes through perfume like there’s no tomorrow, having your own VIP box sent to you may be the answer to all of your troubles. For me I think that fragrance is something very personal and trying out new ones can be as troubling as dying your hair to a completely new colour (well it is for me anyway). Since trying these samples out I have walked away with three new favourites: Dolce & Gabbana’s Floral Drops, Versace’s Eros Pour Femme, and Givenchy’s Very Irresistable and the best thing about this box is that you can save mega bucks with the discount vouchers that are contained inside (and there’s one for each one too!). This box only costs £5 per quarter and you can cancel it at any time (plus there are other sized boxes that you can check out by clicking here). Even if you only ever get one box, at least I have 7 sample sizes that will last you a little while (a new scent for each day of the week, result!). You can check out and join the Discovery Club by clicking here.

Salcura’s Face Hydrator: I first fell in love with this brand around Christmas time when I reviewed their Acne Range (click here) and I would highly recommend anyone with sensitive skin to go and check out their range (their products are just very honest and full of Vitamins, Natural Oils, and Minerals). This product is 99% natural which is perfect for very dry, sensitive, or prone to inflammation skin. Now I don’t have either eczema or dermatitis, but my skin does get very dry and irritable over the wintry months and only thanks to this hydrator has my skin revived back to good health again. What I like about this product is that it is very similar to LUSH’s Ultrabland which is also very good for dry and sensitive skin (and not to mention great at removing makeup). As I naturally have a oily t-zone you would think that this product would be too heavy on my skin, but its Omega rich and non greasy formula restores the skin’s moisture levels helping it to protect and strengthen the skin (and I do vouch for that). You can pick up this product for £13.99

Tantruth Tan- now you all know that Baby B Browne is the love of my life when it comes to fake tan (click here) but being sent another body lotion tan which is similar to Baby B Browne was too hard to turn down (it’s like a fake tan love affair). In comparison to Baby B Browne, the consistency of the tan isn’t as thick and it smells more like Aloe Vera, but it’s colour is exactly the same. As you can see from the results below, there is no difference in colour and the tan looks exactly the same- I used Baby B Browne on the left leg and Tantruth Tan on the right leg. I too love this tan and would definitely use it again! You can pick up a bottle for £8.49 (bargain!).

La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc Toning Spray (below): now you all know that I am rather particular when it comes to my skincare products so trying out a new toner was a somewhat a little, I don’t know, different? This product is a versatile product where you can use it as a toner between cleansing and moisturising, or at any time of the day to refresh your skin. Now I personally didn’t like using this product as a toner because I felt as though it didn’t deep clean my skin as well as other products however, it is amazing as a refresher. I love using this product on my skin after a workout and I could imagine this product being very handy when holidaying in hot countries (I’ll be able to test run this in South Africa later this year). Overall it is a great solution to mattifying oily skin. You can pick up this product for £7.20.


Above Left: Salcura’s Face Hydrator Above Right: Tantruth

Above: Anatomicals Face Mask

So to conclude my little experiment there are a few products that I would most definitely use again (especially Tantruth, The Discovery Box, and Anatomicals face mask). Which one of these products tempts you to make a change?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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