Cocoa Brown: Fake Tan Review

 You have no idea on how excited I am to write this post, it feels like I haven’t written a proper post in ages! I do apologise for the lack of ‘blogging,’ my life seems to be bombarded with textbooks and deadlines at the moment which makes life slightly dull (I lie… I love it really!). Recently I was extremely excited to receive a package from Cocoa Brown and boy, don’t they send a good’n. I was so impressed with the presentation and thought that had gone into it, I even received a lovely hand written thankyou note in addition to extra goodies that I didn’t expect to receive. Now I must admit before I proceed with this review, I’m not exactly the biggest fake tan user in the world. I have used gradual tans and spray tans in the past but I wouldn’t consider myself regular user. If anything I don’t trust myself with it. However with the weather being SO lovely in the UK, I didn’t really want to stray outside with my legs looking like two milk bottles. There is nothing wrong with pale legs, but, everyone else looked a shade or two darker than me so I had to give my Cocoa Brown fake tan a whirl! So lets get tanning (and preferably make me look Beyonce!).

You can buy all of this for just £9.99 from Feel Unique!

The Cocoa Brown tan came with its own ‘Tough Stuff’ scrub which worked amazingly on the body. I particularly used it around my elbows, hands, feet and knees as these are the areas that are the hardest to tan. It it is important to either ex-foliate or moisturise before using fake tan as you don’t want end up all patchy. Usually I ABSOLUTELY hate the smell of fake tan, it is probably one of the reasons why I don’t use it very often. However I kid you not this tan smells just like L’oreal Kids Tropical Mango shampoo which smells incredible! Not only did this tan bring back fruitful memories from my youth, it was also so easy to apply as it comes with its own application MIT! The mousse is a beautiful golden colour which is perfect for those who desire a natural golden glow. This tan also works as an instant tan as it develops in just one hour! So perfect for all you party goers out there!

Did you know Cocoa Brown originates from Ireland!

Well I must say, I salute you Marissa Carter because you have just created one fabulous tan! I can’t see myself going back now! This tan has been well credited by top names such as  and top rated bloggers too! You can also pick up a bottle for £7.99 in Superdrug too. So what are you waiting for? become sun kissed just like me!

Just so pretty!

Look at that colour difference!

Have you used this tan before? will you be picking up a bottle any time soon?

Much Love

Eltoria x