Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Attract a Guy

If you are sat here reading this thinking that it is usually the ‘bloke’ that makes all the mistakes, you my friend are so wrong. As a woman myself I believe that sometimes we let our defensive side (or mechanism) prevail over our normal behaviours. We’ve all done it and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. These observations are purely my own, I could be terribly wrong but comment below if you agree or disagree! So here it goes:

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1. Wearing Too Much Makeup

We all want to look amazing when trying to attract a guy, but girl, they don’t want to be left with orange marks on their white top. Be as natural as possible whilst enhancing your features without looking like a clown. Often guys hate too much makeup so don’t do it! Also do not over do the fake tan.

2. Taking Too Long To Get Ready

Don’t spend hours on figuring out what outfit to wear whilst your poor guy waits alone. Or don’t throw a ‘hissy’ fit because your hair isn’t going right. If you are a girl that takes forever to get ready then plan. Plan. plan and plan. Have a back up outfit if you’re really that bad!

3. Over Thinking (especially text messages!)

‘He put two ‘x’s at the end of his text… does that mean he likes me?’. ‘He hasn’t texted me back…’ (but we continue to send more messages anyway!). Chill out, he may be at the gym, working or just hasn’t looked at his phone yet! Crazy isn’t the way forward.

4. Paranoia

Negative, negative and more negative thoughts! Some girls feel that they should diet in order to attract a man. This is completely untrue. Be yourself and stop letting those demons define you! A guy should like you for who you are, if not, they can jump in front of a bu… I mean, seagull :p. (I joke).

5. Wear Too Little Clothing

Ok sexy is key, but not slutty. Slutty could attract the ‘one nighters’ which wouldn’t be for you if you wanted something a little more permanent. Stay sophisticated, honest and classy!

6. Trying To Be Someone They’re Not

Talking about yourself too much can often lead to this problem- you may say something that is completely misleading which renders you to question (or slag off) why that guy has pied you off (putting it very bluntly). Just be you- that’s all that can be said really.

7. Get Jealous Over The Guy’s Ex’s

Please do not become obsessed ie; hacking into their Facebook account and reading their text messages… that’s just weird. If you don’t trust them then don’t be with them. Simple.

8. Please Don’t Get Desperate… No Really, Please

Some women are in such a rush to get a boyfriend they sometimes lower their standards. Not as in look wise (because that’s ever so shallow) but in terms of suitability. The worst thing to do is get desperate, date someone for a little while and then crush them in the process. Take it easy, you’ll find your perfect man.

So there we have it, do you agree or disagree? Comment below.

Much Love

Eltoria x