How To Apply A Streak Free Tan

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IT’S TAN TIME! Now all of you know that I love a good bottle of fake tan and given that Autumn is just around the corner, it is the season to get baking. Many of you may of seen me review many fake tan brands before; Cocoa Brow, Baby B Browne, James Read, Tan Truth (all blog reviews listed below), but my current all time favourite has to be Sienna-X. Most of you will know that I much prefer dark lotions over mousses, sprays and gradual tans, but Sienna-X’s products are just to die for. Not only do they develop without any streaks (even the sprays!) but they fade ever so gracefully which means no patchy spots. I uploaded a tanning video many months ago but I thought that I would create an updated version using Sienna-X products. You can check out that video by clicking here but first, let’s check out my vital top tips!

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Tip 1: Ensure that you have exfoliated in the bath/shower before applying your tan. Make sure your exfoliant doesn’t contain oil. 

Tip 2: Apply vaseline to your nails and toe nails, no one likes a stained nail do they now!

Tip 3: Invest in a good mitt. Believe it or not that a good mitt is key in order to apply a streak free tan.

Tip 4: Use a tinted tanner- that way you are able to see where you are applying it (hence why I prefer dark lotions).

Tip 5: apply a pre-tanner to all of the difficult areas (i.e. Sienna-X’s Radiance Body Balm) especially to your elbow, knees and feet.

Tip 6: Always use a generous amount; not too much or too sparse. Believe it or not but this is one of the most common causes to streaky tans.

Tip 7: Always use the ‘excess’ on your mitt to cover the elbows, knees and feet to ensure that it does not go patchy.

Tip 8: Make sure you air dry first before popping on loose clothing.

Tip 9: Stay away from water!

Tip 10: Allow good time for the tan to develop.

Above: left without tan, middle during process, right 6 hours after development. Click here to check out my new video

I do go into a lot more detail in my YouTube video so make sure you check that out by clicking here. As you can see in my thumbnail below, my tan is a natural colour and streak free! Be sure to pick up your Sienna-X bottle by the end of this month in order to receive a free Luxury Mitt! 

What’s your favourite tan? How do you keep yours streak free?

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