Common Lies Women Tell Men

Tut, tut. We should never lie but I feel that us ladies sometimes like to share a white one now and again.  If anything, they’re meaningless and flippant with a slight ‘hidden agenda’ to them. For me, I would use a little white lie to avoid an argument or heated discussion which would anyway end up in an argument. But sometimes lies vary in importance depending on the situation, so be careful ladies! Now some gents may be reading this wondering what these lies are. So to sort you all out I have listed below the common lies! Let me know in the comments below if you agree/disagree or feel that I have missed out a vital few!

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1. I Was Wrong/ You’re Right

Nope. Guys you are always going to be wrong and us ladies will always be right. That’s all to be said really. The best marriages are usually awarded to the guys who just answer with ‘yes dear’… so bookmark it.

2. I’m Not Jealous

Ok in this situation we usually are. We hate the fact that some girls have bigger boobs or skinnier waists than us. Us women can be pathetically insecure in these situations because we fail to remember the positives in us. So bare with us.

3. ‘I’m Fine’ Or The ‘I Don’t Know’

*Haha* the most common phrase ever said in the Women’s Bible. No we’re not fine. In fact, we are incredibly pissed off. So whatever you did or said, reverse it pretty quickly. 

4. I’m Almost Ready

Yeah in fact this is our ‘code red warning’ that we are panicking because we are no where near ready. Usually I like to say this when I can’t find my shoes or haven’t finished my hair yet. So take a pew because you are going nowhere yet mate. 

5. The Hesitant ‘She’s Nice…’

We in fact hate her.

6. I’m Not Mad

We are actually fuming inside! Sometimes the reluctant ‘I’m not mad’ and the soon after ‘silent treatment’ is our own alternative for water torture. Just ride it out.

7. I Was Only Kidding

No, I was bloody serious. Men often get touchy, so this is a phrase us ladies like to use in order to avoid an argument. But the bottom line is that we mean it.

8. I Got It In The Sale

It cost a blimmin’ fortune. Men hate it when we buy a top or a dress that looks almost identical to the one we have in our wardrobe… but what can I say, it’s a different shade of blue and I need it?

9. Money Isn’t Important

Ok I wouldn’t want to date a guy who was sponging off his mother or myself. We like a guy who can look after himself, so it’s a complete and utter lie when we say ‘money isn’t important.’ 

10. The Unsure ‘I Love It…’ Or ‘That Was Delicious’
Ok we appreciate the effort, but boy, didn’t that casserole taste disgusting. Or when you buy us a top that is 3 sizes too big (yes this once happened to someone I know)… do more research!

11. I Think We Should Share The Bill
Oh come on, us ladies love to be treated once in a while. Having that gentleman attitude and manner will take you a long way (trust me!).

So there we have it, do you agree or disagree? Am I missing a few?

Much Love

Eltoria x