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Like a lot of jobs, phones and laptops have become essential items when it comes to completing daily tasks. Whilst they are excellent for productivity, unfortunately they are not so good for our eyes. They say that we should take a 2 minute break every 20 minutes away from our screens, but how many of us just don’t do that? I don’t know about you but I can easily go for hours without taking a break. Electronic devices are not only the problem, but also the lack of sleep due to long working hours, air conditioning in offices, allergies and pollution are also other common factors that can also affect our eyes. So for the last few weeks I have been trying out a number of Murine products to see how they can help my eyes in different situations.

As a daily contact lenses wearer my eyes can significantly become dry. For you to truly understand how dry my eyes can get, let’s just say that I cannot wear ordinary lenses- they have to be super aqua comfort. It is advised that you should only wear your lenses for a few hours, but if you are someone like me, I like to wear them from the moment I wake up to the moment I close them. Since applying Murine Contacts Refresh & Clean Eye Drops into my eyes twice a day I have noticed a huge improvement. Not only do the drops lubricate the lense when they become a little dry and irritable but they also help to clean the lense- which is a saviour when you accidentally get a bit of makeup in your eye. In addition to the drops, I have also been spritzing Murine’s Refresh & Soothe Eye Mist onto my eyelids just to add extra moisture for comfort. I always find the spray extremely refreshing and the cool spritz also helps to wake my eyes up in these dark mornings. 

When I decide to take my contacts out and wear glasses my eyes can still feel incredibly dry. They can be that bad that I can find it hard to fall asleep because they feel itchy and sometimes a little sore. Since applying a couple of drops of Murine’s Dry & Tired Eyes or Murine’s Bright & Moist Eyes in the evening and before going to bed, they have felt so much better. The reason I like to apply these drops in the evening is because they are more of a liquid gel, so the drops are a little thicker which can last through the night. I have never realised how dry my eyes can get at night until using these eye drops… my night time essential nowadays!

As a full time Blogger and YouTuber I do work very long hours and travel a lot and sometimes my eyes can feel really heavy. Again they can feel itchy, heavy and dry- sometimes to the point where I can feel a migraine coming on. When I am having a really tired day, I can use these Murine Dry & Tired Eyes drops up to 4 times a day! Not only do they help my parched eyes, but they have also helped with my concentration which has been fighting off awful headaches and migraines. I never knew that a good eye care routine can significantly help with your mood and productivity!

Have you ever had an eye problem?

Much Love 

Eltoria x

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