New LUSH Haul

Ciao ladies and gents, it’s the weekend! So I’ve come back to Bath for the weekend after a much needed break from student living in Reading, and I thought, it would be rude not to bring back the appropriate attire for Bath living, no? That’s right you (may of) guessed it correctly, luxury bath bombs and bubble bath from LUSH Cosmetics will go down a ‘hoot’ for the perfect bath. And guys, I was EXTREMELY (capitals emphasised) at the new range at LUSH- you would (almost) be a fool not to go in there and at least give them a sniff, they are just incredible. So to give you all a broad insight into the new range I have decided to bung it all into a YouTube video. I have put the names and prices in the description box (just under the video on YouTube) so take a look at them if you wish to.


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So which one is your favourite?

Much Love

Eltoria x