The Love School- utter genius?

The ‘Love School’ magazine really caught my attention whilst on the train travelling back home- a school teaching on how to love someone… is this pure genius or just bonkers? At first I thought the latter however a good read of this magazine significantly altered my perception. The Love School website used a great example: ‘would you get behind the wheel of a car and head down to the motorway if you never had a driving lesson?’- obviously not. They believe that when it comes to love, many of us jump in head first without learning what it takes to make a relationship work. Is this a great theory as to why many of us end up crashing?

‘You can’t help who you fall in love with; you can’t control who you like. It’s something that just happens and when that feeling comes, the common advice is to follow your heart?’- The Love School thinks NOT. The article reiterates that ‘love is not felt’ it is more about getting to know the other person and seeing their flaws in a positive way. Surely we can see it like this- when we start something (ie careers, courses or employment schemes) we believe that we will enjoy it, however when we become more knowledgeable, we learn to either love or hate our choices. It’s the same with love… right?

5 Things to do if you are single- The Love School’s advice:

1. Stop comparing- you are who you are.
2. Invest in yourself– if you want to be a good catch you need to be one.
3. Like someone your mind approves of-choose someone whose characteristics are compatible with yours. If they fail the test of intelligence forbid your heart.
4. I would go up to that person using my mind and not my heart.
5. Get educated about love.

But is this strategically possible? could over thinking things in fact ruin our chances in finding love?After all opposites do attract.

The Love School also advises in many areas ie: betrayal, marriage, living with difficult people, and much more. If you guys would like to find out more about ‘The Love School’ please check out or book your tickets for their event at Wembley Arena on the 22nd September 2013 at or even join the debate at

So what do you all think- is ‘The Love School’ a genius idea? Comment below.

Much Love Eltoria x