Are Fitness Apps Any Good?*

I get it, there are loads of fitness apps out there but finding the right one for you can be very challenging. For many, weight loss and toning up can be increasingly difficult and giving up often seems to be the easy way out. From experience, getting a personal trainer tends to be the best way if you are wanting to get motivated, educated, and disciplined when it comes to working out. However most personal trainers charge a lot per the hour (between £20.00-£25.00) so it is no wonder why many of us give up on the dream of having that healthy and sustainable body. But what if I told you that Body Vision now has a 30 day free trail with only a £9.99 fee per month if you wish to continue afterwards? Bargain right?

For the last few months I have been using the Body Vision app which can easily be downloaded onto an iPhone or Android mobile device. Body Vision is the only provider of weight loss coaching who can make it simple, satisfying, and sustainable throughout your fitness journey. Every week you’ll receive lessons on the Body Vision method providing you with 1 to 2 assignments each time. You’ll have full communication with a personal trainer (Simon) who will guide you on how to apply the lessons to your own weight loss journey. Also as part of the service, you will also have the option to email Simon with any of your questions throughout your time using the app (which is perfect if you are a beginner) with an additional email every week containing videos on the latest tips and tricks.

Some of you will know that recently I have been suffering with a sternum injury which unfortunately means that I have been laying off the heavy weights. But it hasn’t been the end of the world, if anything it has made me focus on my cardio again. In my Body Vision app I made the following equipment available to me: bike, cross trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine, and stair climber. Instead of lifting heavy, I have been doing a lot more high intensity and interval training which has been fantastic. I have also been doing exercises that I wouldn’t necessarily carry out during a session, like inverted shoulder press. If anything, having the Body Vision app work alongside you whilst injured is actually really encouraging. Usually I am someone who has full confidence in weights, but not so much in floor work as it is kind of alien to me. So motivational wise, I think apps are really good for this!

My new workout for one of the days entailed the following: cross trainer (10 minutes), 12 internals of 30 seconds on cross trainer (hard), tricep stretch, glute stretch, chest stretch, calf stretch, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, lat stretch.

Apps are also very good for guidance and this is something that Body Vision is also good at. There is a very good educational element to the app as it comes with photographic and written guidance which ensures that you are carrying out the exercises correctly. There is also a timer/stopwatch so if you are like me who is awful at tracking time, then this is definitely the app for you (so say goodbye to cheating!).

I have also been enjoying the lessons aspect of the app which is situated under the menu tab. My personal favourites have been ‘your personalised nutritional information‘ and ‘finding your favourite meal‘, mainly because it also offers something a little more to the whole workout/losing weight aspect of the app. You get these lessons regularly and you are invited to ask any questions that you may have, which again, is like having your very own personal trainer to hand! Keep an eye on my progress on social media, I have been on a right fitness venture recently.

Don’t forget that you can now download the Body Vision fitness app!

Have you tried a fitness app before? Much Love, Eltoria x

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