5 Smoothie Ingredients To Avoid

Making smoothies has become ever so popular when it comes to achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Smoothies have become meal replacements, a source of vitamins, and in most cases a really enjoyable drink to have. Creating the perfect smoothie can be very creative, but unfortunately it appears that every ingredient underneath the sun is finding its way into smoothies. Some combinations (and not all) are in fact really bad for you and that ‘healthy start to the day’ can in fact be really unhealthy. So let’s take a look at 3 smoothie ingredients to avoid.

1. Avoid adding fruit juices bought from the store: Now admittedly I used to do this for convenience sake, but most fruit juices lack goodness because they have undergone pasteurization. Often artificial Vitamin C is added and a lack in nutrients and fibre can have more detrimental effect on blood sugar levels compared to bringing any good. It is best to blend fresh fruits or vegetables with water or in my case, crushed ice (so good for the summer).

2. Keep an eye out for refined sugars: In my ’10 Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings’ post, there is research to support that refined sugars is more addictive than cocaine. Therefore, if you are using superfoods like protein powders or nondairy milks and yoghurts, be sure that refined sugars like evaporated cane juice, cane syrup, brown rice syrup etc are not in the product.

3. Don’t overdo your smoothie: Whilst ‘more the merrier’ is a welcoming phrase, overdoing the ingredients in your smoothie can mean extra calories. Only select a variety of of textures and ingredients whilst keeping the flavour complimentary. Here is my favourite smoothie recipe: Kale, Apple, Celery, Kiwi and Spinach.

4. Avoid adding extra oils and fats: consuming excess fats in your diet is unhealthy so it is best to save good fats for your meals. Good fats include: avocado, nuts, seeds, omega 3, olives and coconut.

5. Don’t just add fruit, include vegetables: Fruit contains a lot of sugar so having a smoothie just dedicated to fruit isn’t all that healthy. I usually like to include two fruits and three vegetables, what would you include? Drop me a comment below.

Which tip was new to you?

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