How To Make Your Own Lip Scrub

Regularly using a lip scrub will help to keep your lips feeling less sore and chappy. During the Summer months I like to exfolitate my lips just before bed, whereas throughout the winter months I like to keep a pot on me at all times. Not only is this a little nifty way in keeping your lips in good health, but it is also ever so tasty and fun to make! There are some commercial brands that already sell lip scrubs but some of them can be pretty hard on the budget. However, you can make your own lip scrubs by using everyday kitchen ingredients which will cost you pennies. So head on into the kitchen and start making you own!

For the purpose of this post I shall be making my own ‘Lemonade’ creation!
Ingredients: 4 teaspoons of Caster Sugar, 1 teaspoon of Vaseline or 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil, 1 teaspoon of Honey, Food Colouring, Food Flavouring, Lemon Juice (optional) Popping Candy (optional) and a mini jar or pot.

Step 1

Place 4 teaspoons of caster sugar into a bowl. Now add a teaspoon of Vaseline or olive oil (I would choose Vaseline as you do not want your mixture too runny) and then add 1 teaspoon of honey. The sugar will as an exfoliant whilst the honey will act as an antibacterial and healing property. The Vaseline will help to fuse your mixture together in addition to creating a glossy and protective barrier to your lips.

Step 2

Now add the food colouring and flavourings to your mixture and mix well.There is no exact amount that you should put in so go crazy. Although make sure that you don’t make your mixture too soggy!

Step 3

Now you may add popping candy or anything else that takes your fancy. Mix well and add any extra caster sugar into the mix if you feel that it is too gooey. Pot up into a miniature jar/pot.

Step 4

Now take a bit onto your index finger and gently exfoliate your lips. Brush off (or lick off) any debris sugar and keep using it as much as you like! Because this product is make from home made goods, be sure to make sure that all appliances are clean and sterile before using. Also I would advise to keep your creations in the fridge and would avoid using it after 2 weeks or if looks a little funny!

A few other flavours: lemon, bubblegum, strawberry and orange

You can use any other colourings or flavourings so make a rainbow if you desire! But my own Lemonade creation will leave you lips popping and tasting delicious! 

Will you be getting creative in the kitchen?

Much Love

Eltoria x