Contour like Kim Kardashian

Do you sometimes look at some celebrities and think, wow, their make-up looks flawless? Why can’t I look like that? Well the technique to is fairly simple. All you need is a lighter foundation, a foundation that matches your skin, concealer and a good bronzer. I learnt this technique from the beautiful Liv from Ollie May Boutique who recently posted a similar picture on her Facebook page– so I have her to thank for this! She is also an amazing make-up artist herself, so it was an absolute pleasure to once have my make-up done by her! I have prepared my own ‘step by step’ guide  for you all to try so that you can master this gorgeous look in matter of minutes! 

1. Apply concealer to any impurities that you would like to hide i.e: dark circles, blemishes or spots.

2. Apply lighter foundation around the eyes, along the bridge of your nose up towards the forehead, under the arches of your eyebrows, chin, under the nose (just above your cupid’s bow) and the mid-way point on your cheeks. This will provide a a strong base coat which will enhance your bone structure whilst adding definition to your existing features. Please refer to the white areas above as guidance.

3. Using a eye-shadow brush, apply bronzer (or a darker brown eye shadow) and contour down the bridge of the nose, along the temples, jaw and along your cheekbones. The rule for the cheekbones is to always start from the top of the ear down to the corner of your mouth as this is what makes your cheek bones pop. Never go above your ear as this may make your face look too ‘drawn in’ which will look unnatural. I’d recommend using a contouring brush for the cheeks as a eye-shadow brush will be too thin. Click here for some guidance on how to contour your cheeks and for some recommended products. Please refer to the brown areas above as guidance.

4. If you have a longer nose (like me) then you may want to apply a little bronzer under the tip of your nose, this will draw attention away from the length.

5. Always contour the bronzer/colour below your jawbone as the point is only to create a shadow. If you have a large jaw, you may want to bring the contour up on either side of the chin as this will make your jaw appear less wide.

6. Before applying your natural foundation make sure all contouring lines are not too structured, blend the edges well.

Liv at Ollie May

Please tweet any of your attempts to @eltoriasecrets– I’d love to see them all!

So will you being trying this out over Christmas?

Much Love

Eltoria x