The Grinch Makeover

Now before I say anything there’s just one thing that I need to clear up, yes that is me made up to look like the Grinch. Now I have to say that this is probably one of the funniest videos that I have ever done I mean common’, just look at me. Myself and the lovely Hannah from Fantasy Faces collaborated to create this rather festive look. Not only is Hannah is a professional face painter and a friend of mine, but some of you guys may also recognise her work in my Halloween Makeup Tutorial post (err yeah she’s pretty good isn’t she). So as a bit of fun, I thought that it was a good idea to create a Grinch Makeover YouTube video (see thumbnail below). If you didn’t find the video helpful, I have also written a step by step guide below on how you can also create this look. But be sure to tweet me any of your creations if you happen to try this at home! It looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Above: The Grinch Makeover 2015 Video

1. Prepare your prosthetic nose and Grinch eyebrows. Here you will need some latex (which can be found in any party shop) and one of those plastic masks to mould on. You will have to be very patient as it does take a while, but make sure that you add layers and stretch it appropriately. Please ensure that you read the instructions on the latex carefully before applying onto the skin.

2. Grab yourself a Santa’s beard (which can be found in any party shop) to prepare the eyebrows and finger hair. Spray these green with some hair colouring spray, and make sure that both the hair and prosthetic nose and eyebrows are fully dry.

3. It is now time to prepare the face! Grabbing any pritt stick, apply it to the eyebrows (don’t worry it doesn’t ruin your eyebrows) and leave to dry. Grabbing any concealer, apply this on top of your eyebrows. Now your eyebrows will look invisible! Clever ey.

4. Now apply your prosthetics ‘Grinch eyebrows’ above your own eyebrows to create a dramatic look. Also apply the prosthetic nose ontop of your own nose and pad it out with some cotton wool underneath (the more 3D you make it the better). It is best to stick these down with some Spirit Gum (which can also be found in any party shop). Make sure you allow plenty of time for these to dry and check the instructions before applying.

5. Now get painting! Hannah uses facepaint from Snazaroo and has her own professional brushes (but you can use anything really). Make sure you apply the light green to the whole of the face first before applying the darker green for shading (also make sure that the base is dry before adding darker colours).

6. Apply the green ‘eyebrow hair’ below the ‘Grinch eyebrows’, and also paint your hands green and add the finger hair to your own fingers. Also apply some green and yellow contact lenses if you are able to (you may want to apply these at the start of the makeover), and dress up in a Santa’s outfit to complete the look.

Have you ever tried this look before? Would you give it a go? Leave your comments below!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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