African Safari| Episode 2

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Ahhhh it’s finally here and I know that a few of you have been waiting for this but it’s now time to show you guys what I got up to on my African Safari! Going on a Safari has featured on my bucket list since I can remember and actually going out and doing it has only given me the bug for more travelling and bucket list crossing (I am really hoping to go to New York in December to live my Home Alone dream ha). After the wedding (click here to read about that), myself and Joe went back to Justin’s and Simone’s for one night where we went out for dinner and had pizza by the coast, and then we all decided to take an early night because we were ever so tired from the night before. The next day we took a 2 hour drive into land where we went to a 5* Safari reserve called Aquila. We had champagne on arrival and then we managed to get ourselves bumped up to the premium suites because Simone and Justin had only just got married (yep we pulled out that cliche card). The rooms almost looked like little tree houses but inside was incredibly spacious and extremely well decorated- we even had a shower on the balcony overlooking the wildlife (heaven). Joe and I had been extremely lucky with hotel rooms this holiday and I have to say that this Safari really topped off a fantastic holiday. If you haven’t yet read my Episode One post, you may want to catch up on that by clicking here before moving on.

I honestly cannot believe that we were able to see pretty
much everything on out Safari- hippos, elephants, lions, you name it, we pretty
much saw it. Unfortunately we were not able to see any leopards or cheaters on
our trip because we had to miss our morning Safari as we had to fly back home
to the UK (sad face). Now I must say
that health and safety laws in South Africa either do not exist or they are not
highly regulated as they are in the UK. Half way through our Safari we were
able to get out and share a glass of champagne and nibbles with the rest of our
group and no joke, we were foot away from some wildebeest and rhinos (errr yeah scary). You must check out my
YouTube video (click here) to see that. As you can also tell from the YouTube
video we got scarily close to all of the animals, to the point where the
elephants were walking by our truck and the rhinos were getting ready to charge
(there were already some holes in the
cars… eek
). I think that we particularly got frightened in the lion’s den
where someone accidently dropped their blanket out of the truck and a lioness
jumped down inches away from Simone (yeah
we were shouting to the driver to drive at this point
).  It was thoroughly an amazing experience and I
would urge anyone to go and do the same if they can. To get my full experience
of my Safari, I have included many images in this post and I have created a
YouTube video for you all to see (click here). So instead of me waffling on, I’ll let my pictures and video do the talking.

Us all having a glass of champagne in the wild… scary!

The Milky Way we caught on our final night 

 Have you been on a Safari before? What’s your favourite picture above?
Be sure to check out my YouTube video by clicking here.
Much Love
Eltoria x


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