So all day yesterday I met up with the lovely Becky from Becky Lou blog where we spent pretty much the whole day filming challenge videos! Becky and I met through blogging to where we eventually discovered that we both actually lived in the same town- weird hey? From the very start (which was 10 months ago) we have been friends and our friendship is ever growing. It’s so amazing how starting up this blog has opened up a lot of opportunities and new friendships which I couldn’t be any more grateful. So starting up our YouTube channels at the same time, we decided to start filming together and have come up with these two gems. I know that these challenges are pretty old to the world of YouTube, but as newbies we wanted to give it a go. So please let me know any of your suggestions for future challenges, I would love to hear from you in the comments below! But enjoy the two videos- please like, subscribe and check out Becky’s channel too.




Much Love

Eltoria x