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 A few months ago I reviewed Roger & Gallet’s Sorbet body lotions (click here to see that) and I must say that they have been my favourite body lotions to use this Spring. Considering that I had an awful experience with some ginger stuffing a few years ago that put me off ginger for life, I would say that Gingerombre (featured above in the tall purple bottle) has to be one of my favourite body lotions of all time. However saying that, Gingerombre isn’t entirely just ginger as it has subtle wood tones which gives this body lotion a fresh edge (so if you too have a bit of a phobia of ginger don’t feel put off my its name). Bois D’Orange is somewhat incredibly Summery and I admittedly haven’t used too much of it yet but I know that I will do this Summer because it smells ever so fresh. What I particularly like about these body lotions is that they don’t leave a greasy residue on your skin after use. They are also incredibly hydrating and leave a beautiful and unique smell on the skin for a very long time after application (which is nice because I think that many body lotions out there tend to smell very similar to one another). These two beauties are just the perfect Summer body lotions.

 Roger & Gallet’s Hand and Nail creams have to be hands down the best smelling creams out there on the market at the moment (I really cannot tell you how amazing they really smell). Like Gingerombre above, I too have a favourite and it has to be Fleur de Figuier. Fleur de Figuier which is featured above on the left, reveals the lighter delicate dimension of the fig flower, whilst the harmony of green and unripe notes portray the purely raw dimension of the fruit (or in Eltoria’s words, it smells mighty fruity and damn fine!). What excites me more is that they also have this scent in a perfume, so I most definitely will be putting that onto my wish list this Summer! Bienfaits on the other hand contains 5 red fruits: blackcurrant, pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry, and cherry. I would say that this cream doesn’t smell as potent as the other, but it smells extremely fresh and I like to pop this cream onto my hands and nails before bed time.

Like Roger and Gallet’s body lotions, I love how non-sticky and greasy these creams are. The texture of these creams particularly reminded me of LUSH’s hand creams (especially Helping Hands) because they are ever so thick and full of goodness. These hand creams contain shea butter, aloe vera, vegetable glycerine, and natural essential oils which treats the skin in moments of thirst and soreness.  After alternating between these creams for a few weeks now, I have particularly noticed that my nails look a lot more stronger than they were before. So its always handy buying a hand cream which also treats the nails very well too. You can buy these hand creams for only £6.00 each by clicking here.

Which one of these creams tickles your fancy? Do you have any creams that you’d like to recommend?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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