How To Put Together Your Very Own Christmas Outfit For £40!

Guys… it’s December in a few days! Where on earth has this year gone? So with December being the month to dress all festive it is sometimes a struggle to find the perfect outfit, well, one in your size if you are shopping online. On Friday (25th November) it was my engagement party and I was on the hunt for the perfect outfit. I found so many dresses that I liked but unfortunately 99% of them were not in my size… frustrating! So in the end I decided to piece together my very own outfit and the above is what I ended up with (and I’m actually in love with it).

Piecing an outfit together admittedly does take a bit of time but when you get it right, it can look so much better than a dress that you buy from the internet. If you are a bit of a fashion nerd like me, studying fashion and the clothes available on each and every single website is going to be a lot of fun.  So grab a cup of tea and expected to get carried away until the early hours!

The first thing to do is find one piece of clothing that you really like, for me it was this Pretty Little Thing Lore Bronze Sequin Thong Body SuitThe next thing to do is think about the colour of the next item that you are going to piece it with- trust me this saves so much time. For this body suit I knew I was going to pair it with a dusty pink or a nude skirt so I narrowed down my searches and doing so saved me a lot of time. I was originally on the lookout for a dusty pink leather asymmetrical skirt (because I wanted to change up the material textures) but every single one I found was sold out or not in my size. Therefore I settled for this Missguided Slanted Wrap Skirt and I think that it matches the body suit beautifully. I then thought that a belt was needed in order to blend the bodysuit and skirt nicely together, so I went for this Missguided Rose Gold Metal Plate Skinny Belt and I am totally in love. Altogether this outfit cost me £40.50… bargain right? Here are a few more shots from my engagement party:

What will you be wearing to your Christmas Do?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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