Instant White Teeth By TINT

Do you sometimes wish that your teeth were lovely and white in seconds? I don’t know about you but I certainly have those days where I think my teeth look less white than they did the day before. TINT is a fresh new concept who believe that you shouldn’t have to wait for great things- especially when it comes to having that perfect smile. Working alongside leading dentists and chemists, TINT have created a brand new tooth gloss which enables people to have white teeth in just under 60 seconds! 60 seconds that’s just crazy.

A few months a go I went to London to have my teeth whitened; whilst the results were great the whole process took over 20 minutes, it was a little messy and my teeth felt slightly sensitive after (only for a day fortunately). TINT products are paroxide free which contain a safe white pigment (for a whiter matte finish) so you do not have to worry about the wellbeing of your teeth. The gloss in fact provides a barrier around your teeth which protects your nashers from harmful stains and acids that come from the food and drinks that you love. So not only is this product as easy as popping on your favourite lippie on before a night out, this new tooth paint is easily wiped off by using the removal pads available in the pack. Each application will last for up to 12 hours are there are three shades you can choose from:

Instant Bright: ‘Not everyone suits super white teeth! Our brightener has no colour, it adds a subtle sheen to your teeth to help give the illusion of whiter teeth’.

Instant White: ‘For those who want an instantly whiter smile. If you haven’t used TINT before we recommend starting at this level. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how natural white can look’.

Instant Super White: For those who want the whitest, brightest smile out there. As the name implies, this shade is pretty extreme. For a less ‘in your face’ effect we suggest trying TINT White.

Left: before Right: after

Overall I thought that this product was amazing- just look at how white my teeth are! I used the Super White package and I just love how easy this product was to use, it was like painting your nails but on your teeth. Soon this product will be as essential as having your favourite lipgloss in your handbag.

Which shade would you use first?

Much Love, Eltoria x


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