5 Fall Fashion Trends That You Must Try

I know I don’t have to say it, but I am so excited it is autumn! Before we know it, it’s going to be wintertime, and another year will have gone by. Time really flies, doesn’t it? Since it’s already fall, I thought I would share a post on some of the best and easiest autumn fashion trends that you can try right now (and even wear into winter). Versatility is a huge part of style and fashion, and that’s why I think it’s crucial to have key items in your closet for autumn that can work in a variety of ways. After all, this season is all about creative layering.

So, what are some wearable fashion trends for autumn that you need to try right now? Read below as I go through five of my favourites.

1. Fall Florals

Forget what you’ve heard about florals being reserved for the spring and summer months. This time around, there are flower prints that are completely acceptable (and extremely fashionable) for the cooler months. Look for fall florals in the form of funky patterned jackets and flowing maxi dresses. The key is to look for bold combinations like reds, pinks, and blues on top of a black garment. Adding a floral print to any outfit will instantly change it up.

2. Wide-Legged Pants

Although skinny pants will always have their place in fashion, the wide-legged movement is spreading quite quickly amongst fashion’s finest. Just take a look at Lyst, which notes that “Skinny jeans are over—buy these jeans instead.” The site suggests going with jean culottes and other wide-legged styles to look your best this season. Just wear wide-legged pants instead of your trusty skinnies, and you’ll be on-trend in a cinch (just check out these by clicking here).

3. Crisp White Button-Down

In a time where androgyny is common and impossibly cool, it’s advised that you try your hand at mixing some masculine silhouettes into your autumn wardrobe. A simple choice is to make use out of a crisp white button-down. It’s such a versatile shirt and can be dressed up or down, making it a perfect addition to any wardrobe in any season. I like POPSUGAR’s tips for styling the trusty top, particularly in the many ways you can layer the button-down shirt.

4. ’70s-Inspired Boots

Of course you can’t walk into autumn without a fabulous pair of new boots. Lately, the ’70s are taking over many facets of fashion—footwear included. Spice up your autumn looks with a pair of ‘70s-inspired boots. These are typically booties or ankle boots and feature a thick, retro-shaped heel. Another indicator is when the top of the boot is tight to the ankle, slightly reminiscent of go-go boots. Trust me, these boots will go with everything!

5. Embellished Bomber

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Autumn is a great time to test out transitional outerwear, and if you’re looking to add to your coat collection, an embellished bomber is the way to go. A new take on an old favourite, embroidered bomber jackets bring a new dimension to casual cool. You’ll find plenty of inspiration by taking a look at Hello Giggles’ roundup.

What trend will you be following this Autumn/Winter?

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