Physiq Apparel Fitness Clothing & My Current Fitness Story

All thanks to the lovely Lisa Hawthorn (my fitness fave on Instagram) I have been crushing over the Physiq Apparel fitness clothing range for women. So without hesitation, I decided to purchase the white NeoLite Breakout Top and NeoLite Breakout Tights and I am totally in love. If you guys haven’t already, you seriously need to go and follow Lisa (lisafiitt) on Instagram- she posts some great workout exercises, selfies and nutrition tips! So perfect if you are wanting to trim up before Summer.

What I mainly love about this combination is the loud pattern- it definitely sets you up for hard core work out session at the gym. The NeoLike Breakout Tights and Top are made of a unique ultra-smooth lycra which is cool to touch and helps to keep your body temperature regulated during intense training. What I love about this duo is that it pretty much hugs your body- it allows for full movement, it will not rise, and it defines your toned areas *inserts peach emoji*.

The range is a lot cheaper than high end brands like Nike (leggings costing at an average of £34.00 and tops £20.00- but hurry there’s a current sale on!). You can also use the code LISA10 to get a further 10% off! I cannot wait to be wearing some more Physiq Apparel items whilst I continue to train dirty and tone up to be even better! I am definitely eyeing up the black NeoLite Breakout Top/Tights and Marble Tights!

Ok so what’s my fitness story. So in the last 4/5 months I have been busting my ass in the gym- changing my fitness plan, eating clean, and generally just changing up a few things a bit. Since I left university 2 years ago, I have had to completely re-educate myself when it came to fitness (I had lost my mojo). So in the first year and a half, I mainly focused on cardio and attended the odd boot camp/group PT sessions, but it got to the point where I wanted more out of. It started to become my passion and a lifestyle that I enjoyed. This is when I decided to get a one to one PT- I started to lift much heavier weights and learnt new gym workouts. I think that there’s a huge misconception around women lifting weights, but I guess I’ll leave that for another blog post to explain why.

Currently I am working with James Whipp (jameswhippfitness on Instagram) and the progress that I have seen in the last 4 weeks has been crazy! James has written me weekly workout plans and he has also sorted me out with a nutrition plan (a plan which doesn’t leave you starving). I have also been taking supplements from Vicky Pattison’s Mini V Nutrition range, so go on their website to check them out. So what’s next? The reason why I have been holding off my fitness posts is because I wanted to be able to bring you the best tips and advice that I could possibly offer. This meant going away, re-educating myself, and putting my plans into practice. So over the next few months I will be continuing my fitness series and I have some great and exciting content planned! So be sure to follow me on my social media sites to be in the loop!

Oooh also a posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel- Does Children’s Makeup Actually Work? Click here to watch it.

What would you buy from the Physiq Apparel range?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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