Signs That You’re In The Wrong Job

We spend about a third of our lives at work, so it’s important that work is an activity we get joy from –
something that challenges and fulfils us – not something we do begrudgingly to ‘pay the bills’. If you have been about on this blog for some time you would know that almost 2 years ago (eek) I made the bold decision to quit my job and go self employed. I had only been employed for just under 2 years before I realised that working for someone else was just not going to work. If you are interested in making a bold decision like this, definitely read the below blog post before you continue to read the signs that you are in the wrong job.

A Positive Response to Taking Risks: You will enjoy this post if you want to get into a mindset of taking positive risks. This will really help you if you are looking to set up on your own.

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Ok, so here are my signs that you are in the wrong job:

You dread going to work: I think this one is pretty self explanatory and the most common sign. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what you need and feel, however, sometimes it can take our conscious a short while to catch up with our subconscious (perhaps ££ can get in the way). Listen to your gut and let it guide you.

You stop progressing: If you are unhappy in your job you may find yourself withdrawing in some way. You may start to feel lethargic, less responsive and even end up having a lack in energy. Unhappy professionals will stop themselves from investing, so don’t self sabotage yourself!

No progression: Some jobs look may look perfect from the outside, but if there’s no progression it can lead to unhappiness. This feeling of unhappiness occurs because growth is a psychological need and a sustainable growth in your day to day activities is essential.

You start to begrudge life and the people in it: This is a huge warning sign that you are simply not happy. If you start to begrudge happy people, get jealous easily or even end up paranoid about yourself, you seriously need to take a step back and re-evaluate. The last thing you want to do is upset those close to you. Happy people will help and support others, whereas, unhappy people will be unsupportive. Which one would you rather be?

A negative attitude: If your mind is full of negative thoughts all day long, it is no surprise when your behaviour starts to reflect these thoughts. This is a little similiar to my previous sign, so don’t end up being a person you once feared to be.

I hope some of these signs help you discover whether you are unhappy in your job. If you are looking to set up on your own, don’t forget to check out my ‘A Positive Response To Taking Risks’ blog post.

Do you have any other signs that you wish to share? Drop me a comment below. Much love, Eltoria x

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